R.I. Department of Health Blocks Release of Potentially Reassuring Covid-19 Testing Cycle Threshold (Ct) Data, While Promoting “Positive Test” Hysteria

Thursday, 11/5/20, I was interviewed by the local Rhode Island #MikeswithMics team of Mike Stenhouse and Mike Collins about Governor Raimondo’s new covid-19 “edicts”, especially extending the quarantine period from 14 to 24-days for those who “test positive”. My interview … Continue reading

Updated: Unhysterical Covid-19 Assessment in Rhode Island Requires More Transparency–And Honesty

An April 30, 2020, Providence Journal editorial by my colleague, veteran journalist and historian, Ed Achorn, exposed the hysterical—and factitious—Brown University “modeling” of projected covid-19 hospitalizations in Rhode Island. These overwrought, cataclysmic projections, mercifully and predictably, never transpired. Nearly six-months … Continue reading

Covid-19 Death Distortion In Florida: Over 40% of State’s “Covid-19 Deaths” May Not Merit That Classification

John Graunt’s pioneering 1662 treatise “Natural and Political Observations on the London Bills of Mortality,” has established him, appropriately, as the father of statistics, especially vital statistics, which he dubbed “political arithmetic.” Graunt recognized—almost 360 years ago—that accurate tallies of … Continue reading

Student CT-Test Transparency: “Positive” Covid-19 PCR Tests Must Include The Cycle Thresholds (Cts)

Students and their parents need to get off the Cts of their pants and demand these data for each “positive” test Recently, I demonstrated that actual hospitalizations for covid-19 illness are exceedingly—and mercifully—rare, among U.S. college students returning to campuses … Continue reading

UPDATED–Educating Dr. Fauci On Herd Immunity And Covid-19: Completing What Rand Paul Began

“Herd immunity” was a term originally coined in 1923 by Topley and Wilson [1] to address this circumscribed goal: what “quantity of resistance” to a disease within a given population at risk for it, is required to “ensure against the … Continue reading

Recalling What Ibn Warraq Left For Us To Learn About Islam and 9/11 In The Jihad Carnage’s Immediate Aftermath

Ibn Warraq is a nonpareil scholar of Islam’s origins (see his major [book length] works here), and a public, singularly courageous, ex-Muslim conscientious objector to Islam. His statement from September 2001 in the immediate aftermath of the horrific acts of jihad terrorism on 9/11/2001, … Continue reading

Covid-19 and Herd Immunity Without Vaccination—Teaching Modern Vaccine Dogma Old Tricks?

“In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is” —Attributed to (among others) modern public philosopher, and sage, Yogi Berra* …the epidemic continues to increase so long as the density of the unaffected population is … Continue reading

Americans Must Disregard Fauci’s Covid-19 Pediatric Panic Porn

Dr. Anthony Fauci, eminence grise Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is America’s most prominent and vocal advocate of continued covid-19 “lockdown” policies. Inured to Dr. Fauci’s strident promotion of such draconian lockdowns, it was … Continue reading

(Updated thru 5/7/20) Covid19 Lethality: Unhysterical Data Are Emerging

—CDC itself in its “COVIDView” as of 5/1/20  maintains covid19 hospitalization rates are directly comparable in those > 65 years old to “ recent high severity influenza seasons”, and for children (0-17 years old) “much lower than influenza hospitalization rates … Continue reading

Chloroquine (CQ): From malaria prophylaxis to covid19 prophylaxis?

Might/Should this be offered to healthcare workers as a “chronic”/daily regimen while they deal with the covid19 epidemic (analogous to lupus patients who take CQ chronically for anti-inflammatory benefits), or very short term for one high risk exposure to covid19–say … Continue reading