[AUDIO] Dr. Andrew Bostom With WPRO’s Matt Allen, 4/5/21, Discussing Roger Williams University’s Mandatory Fall 2021 Covid-19 Vaccination Plan For Students Absent Any Reference To Their Extraordinarily Low Risk For Covid-19 Morbidity And Mortality

My interview with WPRO’s Matt Allen on 4/5/21, embedded below: Update 1: Matt Allen (but no Rhode Island “journalist”) was able to determine that NONE of Roger Williams University’s students OR faculty have yet been hospitalized for covid-19 despite over … Continue reading

Dr. Andrew Bostom On Covid-19 In Rhode Island: “Basic Epidemiologic Principles Have Been Turned On Their Head–Immunology Has Been Turned On Its Head!”

Dr. Andrew Bostom, interviewed by Mike Stenhouse for “In the Dugout”, April 1, 2021

[VIDEO]: Rhode Island Public Health Officials and “Academics” Continue to Promote Covid-19 Fearmongering Over Factual Reassurance

Video (embedded below) of my weekly review of covid-19 in Rhode with Mike Stenhouse of The Rhode Island Center For Freedom and Prosperity. This week we focused on continued improving metrics for the state in terms of covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, … Continue reading

Despite 96% mask compliance “every time they go out”–highest in the U.S. during the fall of 2020–Rhode Island still had an enormous fall covid-19 infection spike

As of an 11/2/20 survey of 5,000 Americans, Rhode Island had the highest percentage—96%– of those who wear a mask “every time they go out”. https://slickdeals.net/article/news/united-states-face-mask-wearing-habits-survey/ Yet we still had an enormous fall spike in C19 positive “cases” as the … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Why Rhode Island Should Unmask and Fully Re-Open On Easter Sunday, 4/4/21–An Unhysterical, Evidence-Based Rationale

Interview with Mike Stenhouse, Rhode Island Center For Freedom and Prosperity, extracted from “In The Dugout” Show, March 11, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46X7s_c_6Tc&t=3140s

Governor McKee: Restore Normality in Rhode Island By Relying On Unhysterical Covid-19 Data, NOT Hysterical “Models”—Start by reading Ed Achorn’s 4/30/20 Editorial

Friday afternoon, March 5, 2021 I tweeted the following accompanied by the figures below. Both figures are from the Rhode Island Department of Health Covid-19 Data Tracker hub, although the “modeling” figure is no longer available. Fortunately, the modeling figure … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Data Driven Discussion of Covid-19 in Rhode Island, 3/4/21: Pediatric C19 & Swedish Total Mortality Data Perspectives; Is RI Approaching Herd Immunity?; End Anti-Evidence-Based, Futile Masking; Targeted Vaccination Strategy; “C19 Variant” Panic Porn, Etc.

See embedded video below for full discussion, followed by relevant links, summary statements, and graphics elaborating on subject areas covered. –Discussion You Tube took down, which I re-posted elsewhere: ”The Brown University/Ivy League ‘Covid-19’ Spring 2021 Baseball Ban: ‘Science’ Or … Continue reading

VIDEO: Statistics Sweden Demographer Orjan Hemstrom on Sweden’s 2020 total mortality. “We are back to the mortality of 2012…excess mortality is the same as it was a decade ago” 1918 flu pandemic far worse than covid-19

Key graphic from video, 3:16 video clip embed, and transcript (below embedded video) Video extract from SVT (Swedish National Television), “The price of the Corona battle,” Part 8 of 19, Sunday, February 28, 2021 https://www.svtplay.se/video/30291114/vetenskapens-varld/vetenskapens-varld-sasong-34-coronakampens-pris?start=auto&info=visa Kindly subtitled by  Swedish journalist … Continue reading

VIDEO link: The Brown University/Ivy League “Covid-19” Spring 2021 Baseball Ban: “Science” Or “Wokeism”?

Link to video: https://3speak.tv/watch?v=vladtepesblog/jmvseast My 2/24/21 interview with Mike Stenhouse in follow-up to Mike’s uniquely outstanding discussion (see it here: https://youtu.be/wYLBUkdbkgg​) with 6 Brown University varsity baseball players whose 2021 season was cancelled due to alleged “covid-19” concerns. I reviewed data … Continue reading

Stop Rhode Island’s Covid-19 Maskerade, Now

Monday, 2/22/21, WPRI’s Kim Kalunian asked Dr. James MacDonald, Medical Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH), “When do you think we can stop wearing masks when we go out in public?” While offering the vague promise of … Continue reading