Understanding the World’s Greatest Source of Jew-Hatred: A Review of “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”

Allon Friedman’s review at Frontpage. A sober examination of Islam’s historical treatment of Jews. Thu Jan 30, 2020 Allon Friedman [To order Andrew Bostom’s new paperback edition of The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, CLICK HERE.] During a public U.S. Congressional hearing held in April … Continue reading

The Trump plan, & the jihadism, & conspiratorial Islamic Jew-hatred which drive the Muslim war against Israel: Andrew Bostom Interview

 My Thursday 1/30/20 interview with Alan Keyes which focused on the newly-released Trump plan—summarily rejected (“a thousand no’s”) by Palestinian Authority despot, and “President” (in seeming perpetuity after a single “vote”) Mahmoud Abbas. We discussed the jihadism and conspiratorial … Continue reading

A Muslim “Holocaust Remembrance” Travesty: Andrew Bostom Interview

 My 1/28/20 interview with Sam Sorbo highlights the recent Muslim “Holocaust Remembrance” Travesty at Auschwitz & its grotesque negation of/immoral equivalence with, the 1995 Bosnian Serb-Muslim bloody civil war tit for tat massacre of some ~7000 Bosnian Muslims at … Continue reading

A “Khamenei-ist”, Versus Modern Shiism’s Most Important Koranic Commentator, on Koran 9:29, and 5:82

Koran 9:29, and 5:82 are central Koranic verses, whose classical, authoritative interpretations, respectively, elucidate Islam’s timeless jihad war to submit Jews and Christians to the Sharia, and rationalize eternal Muslim animus toward the Jews. A report by Middle East Media … Continue reading

Muslim “Holocaust Remembrance,” Or Violent Muslim Jew-Hatred Denial?

Whether one considers the masses of Muslims who have been flowing into Europe as (primarily) economic refugees, proud hijra colonists “quietly” Islamizing the continent, or both, these newly arrived votaries of Islam express an unabashed Islamic Jew-hatred. Their virulently anti-Jewish attitudes are consistent with the disproportionate ~3-fold increased … Continue reading

Andrew Bostom 1/22/20 Interview: “Global Excess of Extreme Muslim Jew-Hatred & Violence Affects the U.S., Too”

 Dr. Andrew Bostom interviewed by Janet Mefferd on Weds. Jan. 22, 2020 about his new book, the updated edition of “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” and this recently published essay, “European Muslim antisemitic violence isn’t ‘new’ ” The full … Continue reading

Violent Muslim Antisemitism In Europe Isn’t “New”

(Dhimm­itude illustrated—Cover art for the Report by the High-Level Advisory Group established at the initiative of the President of the European Commission, “Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean Region,” Brussels, October 2003, As the report observed, “The orientation of … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Andrew Bostom 1/14/20 Newsmax Interview: Trump’s righteous support of Iranian demonstrators opposing Iran’s Shiite theocracy

 Newsmax interview of Dr. Andrew Bostom with Chris Salcedo, 1/14/20 (full interview here). I discussed POTUS Trump’s righteous support of Iranian demonstrators who want a complete end to Shiite theocratic governance—Iran’s traditional paradigm from 1501-1925, and 1979 to the … Continue reading

Seattle Area Mosque Apes Muhammad’s Koranic Jew-Hatred

Mohamed Joban, current full-time imam at Masjid Ar-Ramah in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, WA, received his M.A. in Islamic Studies at Sunni Islam’s Vatican for religious education, Al-Azhar University. He is also president of the Imam Fatwa (religious edict) … Continue reading

Jihad and Jew-Hatred in America: Incessant Muslim Targeting of U.S. Jews, Post 9/11—A Tabulation

Muhammad Alshamrani, the Pensacola Naval Air Station jihadist killer, appears to have been motivated, in part, by Al Qaeda’s, and the global Muslim umma’s, obsession with the jihad against Israel. Just prior to the Friday 12/7/19 attack, Alshamrani’s alleged twitter … Continue reading