Andrew Bostom Interview: Educating Concerned Rep. Lee Zeldin, Et Al—Ilhan Omar’s Islamic Jew-Hatred Reflects a Mainstream, Global Muslim Pandemic [Audio; Transcript]

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Interview of Dr. Andrew Bostom by Janet Mefferd Audio, with full annotated transcript, below. Audio link (from 13:00 to 24:55): Annotated Transcript Janet Mefferd: Representative Ilhan Omar just can’t seem to help herself. Under pressure, … Continue reading

Why Designating “Muhammad Ali Jinnah Way” in “New Pakistan”, Brooklyn, Is Just Another Capitulation To Totalitarian (& Kleptocratic) Islam

Margaret Bourke-White’s Life Magazine photograph of Indo-Pakistani Muslims praying, with her original caption: “Facing toward Mecca, Islam’s holy city, worshippers prostrate themselves in silent prayer to Allah. Most of the standing figures are women, who customarily do not pray in … Continue reading

“Neo-McCarthyism” Versus A Communist Chinese World Order [Addended]

1943: “Captain Joseph R. McCarthy, a Marine intelligence officer, interviewing pilots who have just returned from raids on Japanese installations in the Solomon Islands”  ** “Time after time I have heard people launch into a violent attack on McCarthy, and … Continue reading

Eugene Lyons–“The Myth of Jewish Communism”, April, 1947: Full Text and Brief Background

Eugene Lyons, 1947: “The antisemitic legend that the Soviet regime is somehow Jewish thus makes no more sense than the related myth that American communism is Jewish.” Eugene Lyons (July 1, 1898 – January 7, 1985) born in Belarus, of … Continue reading

Senator Joseph McCarthy’s 1955 Tribute To Jews: “Congenital Enemies of Communism…Guardians of The Individual’s Freedom”

“…Jewish people are congenital enemies of Communism. Those of the Jewish faith are, historically, champions of liberty. They are, traditionally, jealous guardians of the individual’s freedom—political, economic, social. These things Communism is determined to destroy.” ** Rabbi Benjamin Schultz’s (d. … Continue reading

Mattis’ See-No-Islam Leadership Is Responsible For “Insider Killings” Of US Troops In Afghanistan

U.S. Marine Gen. James Mattis and Kandahar Provincial Governor Gul Agha Shirzai attend a flag raising ceremony in which the American and Afghan flags were raised at Kandahar International Airport, January 1, 2002. ** At PJ Media, I explain how … Continue reading

A 1300-Year-Old Lesson For 9/11 From Leo III: Know Islam To Defeat Jihad

[Extracted from a full essay published yesterday, 9/10/18, at PJ Media, which includes Leo III’s historical background and remarkable insights into Islam, written 1300 years ago, including the creed’s unique misogyny—even by 8th century standards!] Today, Tuesday (9/11/2018) marks the … Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh Acknowledges The Communist Sympathies of Anti-Trump Putschists Nellie Ohr And John Brennan

During a segment today (8/30/2018) entitled “What We’ve Learned from Bruce Ohr’s Testimony,” Rush Limbaugh  acknowledged (transcript) that at least two key anti-Trump putschists, Nellie Ohr and John Brennan, are (at minimum) Communist sympathizers. “Bruce Ohr, who was ranking in … Continue reading

Elaborating on John Brennan’s Deliberate Misrepresentation of “Freedom” in Islam (in Rosenthal’s Classic 1960 Work)

My recent blog on John Brennan’s predilection for totalitarianism included this brief discussion of what I characterized as his misrepresentation of the diametrically opposed Islamic, and Judeo-Christian/ Western philosophical conceptions of freedom: “Ignoring Islam’s antithetical concept of freedom as hurriya—perfect … Continue reading

Peale-ing to the Core of Donald Trump’s Anti-Totalitarianism

While campaigning at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit in July, 2015, Donald Trump gushed (7:20-8:20) about Norman Vincent Peale (d. 1993), his family’s pastor at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan: Norman Vincent Peale was my pastor—“The Power of Positive … Continue reading