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Islam is NOT the Solution: “…the Muslim Brotherhood had wrongly believed that the flattening of the twin towers would signal the liberation of Cairo, not Kabul.”

Courageous Indian journalist Kanchan Gupta reflects on his immediate post 9/11 sojourn in Cairo, and the ongoing legacy of similar hatemongering Muslim denial of their bloody jihad depredations in India, from Jammu-Kashmir, to Hyderabad, to the recent Jaipur bombings.   … Continue reading

Hudson Institute Lecture: Jihad and Islamic Antisemitism–Update–Audio Link Online

Audio Link is available now, here, by clicking on button marked “Media Clips” Andrew Bostom and Hillel Fradkin My lecture yesterday at The Hudson Institute, Washington, DC, Wednesday, May 21, 2008, is published today at FrontPage The lecture was filmed … Continue reading

Exposing “…Generalizations Which Crumble Under the Slightest Scrutiny”

  Dr. Robert Kaplan has written an extensive, and thoughtful review-meditation on “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” posted today at The American Thinker. (Robert Kaplan received his doctorate in history from Cornell University, and is the author of Forgotten Crisis: … Continue reading

Jerusalem Post Review of “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”/My Lecture at The Hudson Institute Wednesday May 21st

Dr. Raphael Israeli reviews The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism in The Jerusalem Post.   And on Wednesday May 21st I will be giving a public lecture at The Hudson Institute on   the themes developed in this book.   Below … Continue reading

“The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” Now Available Online

Reviewed today (Friday 5/16/08) at FrontPage by Bill Warner, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism is now available online at   I anticipate one or two more reviews will be published over the weekend.

Irena Sendlerowa, (1910-2008), R.I.P.

  A remarkably brave and noble woman, Irena Sendlerowa left us yesterday, at the age of 98. Although recognized by Yad Vashem in 1965, Sendlerowa’s heroic story only became widely known when re-told and popularized 9-years ago by Kansas schoolgirls. … Continue reading

Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Islamic Antisemitism…

  Lawrence Wright: His “germ theory” so wrong on Islamic Antisemitism The American Thinker has posted an essay of mine today (Sunday 5/11/08) which records the fascinating responses to two queries I posed that reflect the pervasive misunderstanding of the phenomenon … Continue reading

Israel at 60: To Stay Independent and Free, Understand and Fight The Jihad

    I proudly celebrate the 60-year miracle of Israel. The continued survival of this still vibrant, Western-oriented Jewish homeland hinges upon understanding and combating the genocidal Islamic institution of jihad.   At the height of so-called “secular nationalism” in … Continue reading

Appearance on WABC Radio Tonight (5/4/08) with John Batchelor.

The John Batchelor interview will discuss my essay on the Antisemitic motifs in the hadith, and will air between 8:30 and 9:30 PM, tonight, Sunday May 4, 2008.   The audio stream is here. Update: Here is the interview audio … Continue reading

The Wise Men Of/At The Helm on Iraq—Whole Lotta Shruggin’ Goin’ On

  “ Naturally, the wise men of Helm never dreamed that the world looked upon them as fools until one day Berel the Beadle left the town to journey to Shedlitz. There, for the first time, a Helmite learned what … Continue reading