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Dan McGowan Unmasked: Exposing the Unrepentant Mental & Moral Covid Cretinism of a Prototype Rhode Island Apparatchik “Journalist”

Out of the blue, late this past week, Boston Globe Rhode Island reporter Dan McGowan repeatedly approached attorney Greg Piccirilli about his clients’ legal victory (see here; here) in the long running, but recently settled Southwell v. McKee Rhode Island … Continue reading

Salient Full Text Examples of Dan McGowan’s Covid Opinion “Journalism”

Link (Paywalled):  “It’s time for Governor McKee to show leadership on mandating masks in schools” McGowan, Dan. Boston Globe (Online); Boston. 17 Aug 2021.  Full PDF: McGowan Aug 21 Link (Paywalled): “Yes, Rhode Island needs another mask mandate” McGowan, Dan. … Continue reading

Rabbi Shmuley, Meet Habib Umar bin Hafiz, the Rabidly Jew-Hating “World’s Most Influential Muslim”

Pop culture icon Rabbi Shmuley Boteach recorded, then recounted, a harrowing interaction with a run-of-the-mill Muslim family in New York City’s Times Square, Christmas eve. The Rabbi was accosted by a young Muslima who recognized him, and told him to … Continue reading

Yemenite Jewry under the Sharia through the Jews’ mass exodus after 1948: “the Jew, like an object or a camel, is excluded from human justice. His disappearance (by murder) is felt as a deprivation for his Arab master, who obtains retribution by depriving another Arab of his Jewish asset (by another Jew murder)”

“Judging by Arabic sources, the Jews of South Arabia were . . . dealt with . . . in fairly strict accordance with the shariah relating to the protected faiths . . . [for example] Outside the centralized Yemenite administration … Continue reading

ADL and the Global Pandemic of Muslim Jew-Hatred

—For two decades, ADL has been documenting, then downplaying, this uniquely Muslim scourge I was introduced to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s global Antisemitism survey data, indirectly, in 2006. An analysis of ADL’s 2004 Western European data was published August, 2006, … Continue reading

ADL Survey Data, Published 2004-2023, Demonstrating the Global Pandemic of Extreme Muslim Jew-Hatred

ADL Survey Data, Published 2004-2023, Demonstrating the Global Pandemic of Extreme Muslim Jew-Hatred (pdf): ADL data 2004_2023 extreme Jew hatred Muslim excess

The Opening Salvo of “Calming” Qur’anic Jew-Hatred

—Apparently daily, repetitive pious Muslim indoctrination in “sacralized” Jew-hatred may also “reduce stress” for hospitalized Muslims. This past week (published 12/7/23), nonpareil Iranian academics informed us in a peer reviewed, pooled analysis of existing “data,” that Qur’an recitation, “can reduce … Continue reading

Bat Ye’or at Brown University, October 10, 2002: “Dhimmitude Past and Present : An Invented or Real History?”

Full lecture uploaded from this link. Full lecture PDF here: Bat Yeor at Brown_2002_Dhimmitude Past and Present _  An Invented or Real History_ CONCLUSION: “As a brief conclusion, I would say that there is no public debate yet on the … Continue reading