Salient Full Text Examples of Dan McGowan’s Covid Opinion “Journalism”

Link (Paywalled):  “It’s time for Governor McKee to show leadership on mandating masks in schools” McGowan, Dan. Boston Globe (Online); Boston. 17 Aug 2021.  Full PDF: McGowan Aug 21

Link (Paywalled): “Yes, Rhode Island needs another mask mandate” McGowan, Dan. Boston Globe (Online); Boston. 07 Dec 2021.  Full PDF: McGowan Dec 7 21

Link (Paywalled): “Governor McKee was slow to the punch, but his mask mandate is reasonable for everyone” McGowan, Dan; Boston Globe (Online); Boston. 16 Dec 2021. Full PDF: McGowan Dec 16 21

Link (Paywalled): “Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott has been the conscience of Rhode Island, we’re better off for it” McGowan, Dan.  Boston Globe (Online); Boston. 13 Jan 2022. Full PDF: McGowan Jan 22

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