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14 Cases of Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine-Associated Myocarditis, Autopsied

Tables 1-7 detail published autopsy findings (references 1-9) from 14 fatal cases of post-covid mRNA vaccine-associated myocarditis. Ultimately, after extensive investigation, 12 of the 14 were deemed likely covid mRNA vaccine caused fatal myocarditis cases, while 2 were considered possibly … Continue reading

[AUDIO]: Discussion with WPRO’s Matt Allen today (1/20/23) on RI Mainstream Media’s Refusal to cover Minority Leader Rep. Chippendale’s demand for data on URI’s covid-19 respiratory illness hospitalizations during the pandemic

Audio clip: Blog on Rep. Chippendale’s data request and link to his formal letter to URI  

RI State Minority Leader Michael Chippendale excoriates URI for its “wholly inadequate response” to a simple data request for a deidentified tally of the number of student covid-19 lower respiratory tract infection hospitalizations during the pandemic

Full Letter/FOI request here: Chip APRA URI 1.17.23 Key extracts: “A recent request was made of the University under the above-cited statute to obtain the data listed in Item 1 below. The response to the request was wholly inadequate. In … Continue reading

Reminder that 10% (10) of initial Norwegian nursing home post-covid mRNA vaccine-related deaths (n=100) were deemed “probably” caused by vaccination, with 26% (26) deemed “possibly” caused by vaccination, as determined by an expert panel of geriatricians, and infectious diseases MDs

Critically, the panel noted:  “the frail elderly and people with many chronic diseases were poorly represented in the vaccine trials, so there is little knowledge about safety and efficacy in this group” Norwegian version of report available here. Full English … Continue reading