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My Discussion of Iraq Framed By Dick Cheney’s April, 1991 Policy Speech, and “The (Bernard) Lewis Doctrine”

Here is the audio of my discussion this morning (6/24/14) with BloomDaddy 104.7 FM (the first 11 minutes of the 8-9 am hour): I referred to then Secretary Richard Cheney’s (Secretary of Defense of the United States), April 29, … Continue reading

My Discussion of the Iraq Morass with Mike Cohen WILS 6/23/14

Audio link:

Brief discussion of my book “Iran’s Final Solution For Israel” with CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck

Updated: Hannity Discussion: 2/3 of Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia Want a Caliphate; 91% of Iraqis/99% of Afghans Want Sharia Post U.S. Liberation

During an often contentious discussion (embedded below) that aired Friday night (6/20/14) on Fox News’ Hannity about the worldwide ravages of Islamic jihadism, I injected some hard data into the harangue about two critical matters: (1) the broad desire for … Continue reading

Horace Silver Quintet, “Song For My Father,” Live in Copenhagen, 1968

Horace Silver on piano, with Bennie Maupin on tenor sax, Bill Hardman, trumpet, Johnny Williams, bass, and Billy Cobham on drums.  

Discussion With Steve Malzberg About Islamic Jew-Hatred in Europe and The Brussels Jewish Museum Jihad Carnage

Steve Malzberg was kind enough to feature and discuss my essay on the canonical Islam Jew-hatred which pervades the European Muslim community. This “sacralized” animus which spawns the overwhelming share of violent attacks on European Jews, and all the murderous … Continue reading

Rampant Islamic Jew-Hatred in Europe and the Brussels Jewish Museum Carnage

[A] Jew [is] of that most contemptible of religions, the most vile of faiths…They, both the ancient and modern [Jews], are altogether the worst liars…They are the filthiest and vilest of peoples, their unbelief horrid, their ignorance abominable. The vilest … Continue reading