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Jihad and the Department of Dawah…er, Defense

This past Thursday (1/14/10) I attended a briefing (an early iteration of the discussion contents are available here, entitled “To Our Great Detriment”) which elucidated in irrefragable detail  the Pentagon’s willful capitulation to the dictates of Islamically-correct interpretations of jihad … Continue reading

New Year’s Day Resolve—Uphold Freedom, Versus Beggar’s Democracy

Wittfogel: Totalitarianism is “…not checked by Beggar’s Democracy.” Karl Wittfogel (1896-1988) was an historian and sinologist. Early in his career, Wittfogel was a champion of Marxism—as an academic, playwright, and activist. By 1931, Wittfogel focused his efforts on fighting the … Continue reading