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Great Soviet Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky Extols Diana West’s American Betrayal, Excoriates Radosh/Horowitz Et Al

Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky (in conjunction with Pavel Stroilov) has written an extraordinary analysis of Diana West’s American Betrayal, and the controversy it has generated, stoked by Ronald Radosh’s screed “review” of the book at Frontpage Magazine. Bukovsky (b. 1942) … Continue reading

Lars Hedegaard Experiences Irshad Manji, “The Used Car Saleswoman of Ijtihad”

Yesterday (9/19/13), I conveyed in a tweet {@ingridcarlqvist @DispatchIntl @Fjordman1 “Still the used car saleswoman of ijtihad”} my own longstanding discomfiture (see this 2005 essay, reproduced in my 2012 book, Sharia Versus Freedom), shared by Fjordman (see his … Continue reading

Madeleine Peyroux – “Instead”

Didactic Video Report: U.S. Syrian Jihadist “Allies” Establish Brutally Unjust Aleppo Sharia Courts

Posted at Pajamas Media: Watch the embedded video at the blog.   It is a very didactic video for those unaware of what the “rebels”—at least those doing the actual fighting of Assad’s forces—have in mind for Syrian society, should they … Continue reading

12-Years After 9/11/2001, And 21,564 Jihad Terror Attacks Later, U.S. Policymaking Elites Are Still in Jihad Denial

My Preface to the paperbound 2008 edition of  The Legacy of Jihad, written in late 2007, included this observation: During mid-November, 2007, a grim milestone was recorded in the macabre tally being kept assiduously in cyberspace by [The Religion of … Continue reading

Hanson Baldwin on the World War II “Second Front Debate” and The Loss of Eastern Europe

Hanson W. Baldwin (d. 1991), a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, was the 1943 Pulitzer Prize winning military-affairs editor for The New York Times, and prolific author. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities on military and … Continue reading

Robert Reilly’s Dilettantism and Played-Out Impressionism

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge Robert Reilly’s favorable remarks about Sharia Versus Freedom in his brief overall commentary on the book. This is especially praiseworthy, because, as he noted, Sharia Versus Freedom included an uncompromising critique … Continue reading

Communism, Stalin, and the Great American Mistakes of World War II

Hanson W. Baldwin (d. 1991), was a military-affairs editor for The New York Times, who authored over a dozen books on military and naval history and policy. Baldwin, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, joined The Times in … Continue reading

Keith Jarrett – Paint My Heart Red

Keith Jarrett – Paint My Heart Red by The_World_of_Jazz

Sad UK Refrain (Apologies to Ella): “It’s Very Clear, Sharia Is [T]Here to Stay”

The dhimmitude of the UK: From the sublime appreciation of Ella (on British TV in 1961 here),  to the horrific subservience to Sharia, circa August, 2013, is very clear. Anne Marie Walters on Sharia in UK, for Standpoint: [W]e routinely … Continue reading