Sad UK Refrain (Apologies to Ella): “It’s Very Clear, Sharia Is [T]Here to Stay”

The dhimmitude of the UK: From the sublime appreciation of Ella (on British TV in 1961 here),  to the horrific subservience to Sharia, circa August, 2013, is very clear.

Anne Marie Walters on Sharia in UK, for Standpoint:

[W]e routinely read of people losing their livelihoods for any perceived sleight on Islam. Look at the dinner lady sacked for almost accidentally serving pork to a child, or the headmaster in Bradford forced from his job for wanting pupils to learn English. Add to this the numerous arrests for offensive Tweets, Facebook messages, and of an 85 year old for shouting outside a mosque and the message is crystal clear: sharia is here and you must obey. If you don’t, and you suffer because of it, you have only yourself to blame. 

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