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The OIC, Diogenes, Bernard Lewis and Totalitarian Islam

Diogenes: He would have appreciated Bernard Lewis circa 1954, not circa 2010 At 7 PM Central Time 9/28/10 in Chicago, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu of Turkey delivered a keynote speech opening a conference at … Continue reading

A Guide for the Perplexed Parent—Countering Public School Indoctrination on Islam (Updated)

As parents, we have a moral obligation to our children and our Western heritage to combat the corrosive indoctrination on Islam that currently passes for “Islamic education” in public school curricula. That effort must begin by providing our children ready … Continue reading

Mainstream Islam Rejects Freedom of Conscience

Murdered Egyptian Muslim “apostate,” Farag Foda (1945-1992) “Indicating how high and how far fundamentalists have risen within the state apparatus, those accused of killing Mr. Foda were defended in court by Sheik Ahmad [Muhammad al-] Ghazali, one of Egypt’s most … Continue reading

“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia?” Ask Stuart Dunnings, III

Sharia Non-Compliant Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings, III Diametrically opposed governmental reactions to recent Koran burning episodes are on display in Britain and the United States. The British reaction demonstrates the extent to which our “mother country” has retrogressed toward a full … Continue reading

Halal to the Queen?—Britain’s Stealth Halal-ization

Zaki Badawi, the late “Grand Mufti of Britain” More evidence of the inevitable triumph of Zaki Badawi’s “vision” for an Islamic Britain? Hat tip to The Religion of Peace, the most comprehensive clearinghouse of jihad-related news. Although this Daily Mail … Continue reading

Burning the Constitution with the Koran

My friend, writer Diana West has blogged about a breaking New York Daily News story which captures (or should, even for those who remain willfully blind to the burgeoning phenomenon) how local US state institutions are obsequiously imposing Sharia norms. … Continue reading

Lord Cromer, “Islamic Revival,” and Imam Feisal Rauf

Lord Cromer: “Pan-Islamism almost always connotes an attempt to regenerate Islam on Islamic lines—in other words, to revivify and stereotype in the twentieth century the principles laid down more than a thousand years ago for the guidance of a primitive society… … Continue reading

9/11: Sharia Versus Freedom

“[M]ost important, because most fundamental, is a thorough grasp of the multiform course of history and of the opportunities and responsibilities it imposes on free man.” My friend Andy McCarthy reminds us on this solemn day that despite our most … Continue reading

Caliph Uthman The Koran Burner and the Not-So-Great-Koran-Conflagration-Kerfluffle (Revised)

The Mass Burn Surviving Uthman’s Koran: ‘Uthman sent to every Muslim province one copy of what they had copied, and ordered that all the other Qur’anic materials, whether written in fragmentary manuscripts or whole copies, be burnt. Now that the … Continue reading

What Diana West Has Left for us to Learn About Koran Burning

Like John Coltrane, Diana West has left us alot to learn I once heard the brilliant jazz musician and nasty Antisemite Rahsaan Roland Kirk (who liked to say, “Bright moments is like walking into a Kosher deli and throwing pork … Continue reading