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Quenching “Sharia Thirst” on the Nile

Will their “Sharia thirst” indeed be fully quenched? ** Three days before the first round of voting began for Egypt’s constitutional referendum on December 15, 2012, Hesham Darwish, from Cairo’s Hadayeq al-Qobba district, summarized the views of those who planned … Continue reading

“Sharia Thirsty” Take Solid First Round Lead in Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum

A female Morsi supporter holds aloft a placard that reads: “yes to the constitution” Al-Ahram is reporting the ten individual governorate and pooled final results, noting that all these unofficial tallies, are from governorates’ presiding judges, except Cairo’s, which are … Continue reading

View A Muslim Apostate’s Muhammad Documentary

Hat Tip Religion of Peace Imran Firasat is a Pakistani Muslim “apostate,” who in this 12/13/12 interview with the International Business Times  described the key unapologetic points highlighted in his new documentary movie, “The Innocent Prophet”: Muhammad married a six-year-old … Continue reading

Hadd Times Ahead for Egypt?

Ahmad al-Zind, Egypt Judges Club chairman, said his judicial body has decided to reject overseeing Dec. 15th and 22nd 2012 constitutional referendum. He also said this on November 26, 2012: “The judges have a burning desire to instate shari’a laws … Continue reading

Egyptian Human Rights Organizations Decry Blasphemy Verdict

Al-Masry Al-Youm is reporting that nine Egyptian human rights organizations, including the Hisham Mubarak Law Center, the Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies, and El Nadim Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, released a joint statement Thursday decrying yesterday’s … Continue reading

Will Egyptian “Liberals” Condemn Blasphemy Sentence of Coptic Christian Blogger?

Reuters is reporting (12/12/12) that a court in Cairo has sentenced Coptic Christian blogger Alber Saber to a three year imprisonment for alleged “blasphemy and contempt of religion.” The offense for which Saber was convicted was sharing on Facebook the … Continue reading

Morsi Annuls Decree, Advances 12/15/12 Constitutional Referendum

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi (C) attends a meeting with Egypt’s Vice President Mahmoud Mekky (4th L) with other politicians and heads of parties at the presidential palace in Cairo December 8, 2012. A new decree was issued to accomplish the … Continue reading

Muslim Brotherhood “Machinations”, Or Vox Populi?

  Egyptian Liberals (like their Egyptian-American expatriate colleague Mona Eltahawy) championing free speech Vote Compass is an interactive electoral literacy application, originally founded by Clifton van der Linden, at the University of Toronto, and subsequently applied internationally by political scientists, … Continue reading

Morsi Now Backed by Egypt’s US-Equipped Military?

The Washington Post has just published (12/7/12) a report highlighting how Egyptian President Morsi has cemented his relationship with Egypt’s US-equipped military—an ominous, if predictable development, given the steady, incremental re-Islamization of all institutions in Egypt, over decades. Noting one … Continue reading

Egypt: Why It’s Onward Muslim Brotherhood Soldiers

President Morsi supporters chant pro-Morsi slogans during a rally in the vicinity of Cairo University and Nahdet Misr Square in Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo December 1, 2012. Today (Wednesday, 12/5/12), Al-Ahram is reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) … Continue reading