Will Egyptian “Liberals” Condemn Blasphemy Sentence of Coptic Christian Blogger?

Reuters is reporting (12/12/12) that a court in Cairo has sentenced Coptic Christian blogger Alber Saber to a three year imprisonment for alleged “blasphemy and contempt of religion.”

The offense for which Saber was convicted was sharing on Facebook the amateurish “Innocence of Muslims” trailer—a film accurately depicting some of the less salutary aspects of the biography of Islam’s prophet Muhammad, as described in Islam’s own foundational sources.

At time of his arrest on September 13, 2012, according to Reuters,

an angry mob surrounded Saber’s house, calling for his death and accusing him of heresy, atheism and of promoting the “Innocence of Muslims”

Earlier today (12/12/12), the “liberal” National Salvation Front, represented by its triumvirate of leaders, and former defeated Presidential candidates, Muhammad El-Baradei, Hamdeen Sabbahi, and Amr Moussa, encouraged all Egyptians to participate in, and vote “no”, during the Saturday 12/15/12 referendum on Egypt’s draft constitution—ostensibly to protect “freedom.”

All the more reason for these Egyptian liberal avatars of the cornerstone of a true liberal, pluralistic democracy—free speech—to openly and vociferously condemn the anti-free speech verdict just pronounced against Egyptian Copt Alber Saber.

We await with baited breath their public condemnation of his heinous sentence.



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