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West: See-No-Islam Basis of 13 Yrs Nation-Building Failure in Iraq & Afghanistan Under Sorry Banner of COIN

My friend and colleague, Diana West, just gave the following address earlier today (~ 2 PM, Monday, 9/29/14) at The National Security II Conference sponsored by The Center For Security Policy. The extracted video of her comments are embedded below, … Continue reading

Like OK Beheader, Mainstream Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America Condones Stoning Adulterers, and Sharia Supremacism

Oklahoma beheading suspect, and Muslim convert Alton Nolen, aka “Jah’Keem Yisrael,” per a local newspaper account in the McCurtain Gazette (reproduced by Caleb Howe of Truth Revolt), …was telling coworkers Thursday (9/25/14) of an Islamic teaching that said women should be … Continue reading

Jacob Burckhardt: How Muhammad’s “Victory of Fanaticism and Triviality” Engendered Islam’s “Despotism” and “Periodical Renewal of the Holy War (Jihad)”

An iconic figure in the annals of Western historiography, Jacob Burckhardt (1818–1897) was a pioneering scholar of “cultural history.” Burckhardt, whose best known work is The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (1860), believed it was the solemn duty of … Continue reading

Ahmad Al-Tayeb, Sunni Islam’s Pope: “Global Zionism” (=Jews) Responsible For Jihad Terror Groups in the Middle East

Since its founding in 973 C.E., Al Azhar University (and its mosque) have represented a pinnacle of Islamic religious education, which evolved into the de facto Vatican of Sunni Islam. Unfortunately, during that same millennium, through the present era, Al … Continue reading

My Hannity Appearance: Ottoman Caliphate Atrocities, 1915-19, An Order of Magnitude Greater Than Those of IS/IL

Last night, my brief sound bite during a Sean Hannity panel alluded to the timeless Koranic injunction to wage jihad war against Jews and Christians, specifically, Koran 9:29, for the purpose of forcibly imposing a Sharia-based Islamic order upon them. … Continue reading

9/11 and Jihad Terror: A Legacy of Over 13 Centuries—Not 13 Years

I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy) —Islam’s prophet Muhammad, as recorded in the most important collection of Muhammad’s “traditions,” Sahih Bukhari,Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220 ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq … Continue reading

Neil Young Covers Ivory Joe Hunter’s “Since I Met You Baby” (For My Baby)

Sotloff Family Spokesperson’s Pathetic Challenge to IS “Caliph” Al-Baghdadi’s Jihad Orthodoxy

Mr. Barfi’s pathetic invocation of his own crude and uninformed apologetics on Islam, will do nothing to alter the ugly, mainstream doctrinal Islamic rationale for Steven S0tloff’s capture, imprisonment, and beheading. ** I just viewed a very brief, but excruciating … Continue reading