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Peer Reviewed Analysis of Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Randomized, Controlled Trial Data Finds Excess of Vaccine-Caused Serious Adverse Events of Special Interest, Relative to Covid-19 Hospitalizations Prevented By Vaccination

Full paper pdf here: Fraiman_Excess risk of serious C19 vax SAES vs C19 vax prevented hospitalizations Fraiman, J. Erviti, M. Jones et al., Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults, Vaccine, … Continue reading

Rep. Morgan & 4 RI Doctor’s Point By Point Rebuttal of Brown University’s Reply to Their Letter About The University’s Concealment of a Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Myopericarditis Case, Its Improper Informed Consent Practices, & Its Anti-Scientific Ongoing Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate For Students

In follow-up to these correspondences pdf version of letter: Brown University Reply to Carey 8.31.22 rec link FNL Date: August 31, 2022 To: Mr. Russell Carey Cc: Dr. Christina Paxson Dear Mr. Carey, Thank you for responding to our 8/22/22 … Continue reading

British Columbia, Canada data confirm pandemic pediatric influenza (H1N1, 2009/10) conferred a 6.1 to 12.8-fold increased risk for hospitalization, relative to pediatric covid-19, (2020-21); Seasonal pediatric influenza in (2015/16) and (2016/17) conferred 2.3 to 5.6-fold increased risk for hospitalization, relative to pediatric covid-19, (2020-21).

Solmaz Setayeshgar, James Wilton, Hind Sbihi, Moe Zandy, Naveed Janjua, Alexandra Choi, Kate Smolina. “Comparison of influenza and COVID-19 hospitalizations in British Columbia, Canada: a population-based study.” medRxiv 2022.08.26.22279284; doi:

Rhode Island Covid-19 Positive Tests & Hospitalizations During Late Summer/Early Fall, 2021

RI_Hosps_Cases Aug Sept 2021

Brown Parent Letter June, 2022

Paxsonletter6_2022 _ fully redacted author_son

Memo Demonstrating Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office Was Monitoring My Social Media Posts

Link to Memo Filed in July, 2022: AG monitoring my social media_MISO Protective Order_To file

Updated with Brown’s (Non-) “Reply”: RI Rep Patricia Morgan & 4 RI Doctors Call Upon Brown University to Acknowledge a Serious Student Covid-19 Vaccine Injury (Hospitalized Myopericarditis), Engage in Proper Covid-19 Vaccine Informed Consent, & End Mandatory Student Covid-19 Vaccination

Here is Brown’s non-reply “reply” via Russell Carey: Brown Reply_Rep. Patricia Morgan_082622 We note the following, in brief, about this “reply”: Brown is in complete denial. Dr. Cretella called Brown University Student Health & she was told they didn’t have … Continue reading

Covid-19 Vaccine-Associated Myocarditis, Autopsied: A Brief Tabulated Review of the Autopsy Literature

The direct relationship between SARS-CoV-2 infection and myocarditis remains tenuous at best.  Recent ecological (1), controlled retrospective cohort (2), and autopsy (3) data do not support an association. This overall absence of support for a specific “SARS-CoV-2 myocarditis syndrome” from … Continue reading

Twitter, Ayatollah Khamenei, and Me

Author Salman Rushdie is recovering from a crippling, near lethal knifing attack during a speaking engagement at The Chautauqua Institute this past Friday, August 12, 2022. The alleged “motivation” for Rushdie’s jihadist attacker, Hadi Mattar, was alluded to, in part, … Continue reading

Time For a Myopericarditis-Induced Moratorium on Covid-19 Vaccination in Healthy Children: 2.3% of Thai adolescent schoolchildren (3.5% of males) followed serially after Covid-19 mRNA vaccination developed clinical or subclinical myocarditis/pericarditis

Last June, 6/29/21, Clare Craig and I called for the following U.S. study, with an accompanying moratorium on Covid-19 mRNA vaccination in those under 30 years of age, until the investigation was completed, and the results analyzed: “Immediately, this summer, … Continue reading