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Imran Firasat is a Pakistani Muslim “apostate,” who in this 12/13/12 interview with the International Business Times  described the key unapologetic points highlighted in his new documentary movie, “The Innocent Prophet”:

  • Muhammad married a six-year-old girl ([hadith])
  • Muhammad had 11 wives, despite the fact that Islam allows a maximum of four marriages (Koran)
  • Muhammad initiated several wars (Koran and hadiths)
  • Mohammad ordered to hate infidels (Koran and hadiths)
  • Muhammad left women suffering and discriminated against for [their] whole life through his own laws which appear in the Koran.

When asked about the film’s overall message, Firasat replied:

The movie is all about Prophet Muhammad’s life, [from] his birth until his death. This is the first movie which even talks about his suffering, his pain and his loneliness. I try to show how the circumstances converted him into a man who later invented Islam, jihad etc for gaining his own interests. And the main message of the movie from the author is Muslims should give serious thought to their future with Islam [and], leaving the way of jihad. Stop persecuting women in the name of Islam and stop hating people who are non-Muslims.

In an ominous development also related during the interview, Firasat—a Pakistani refugee living in Spain—noted the craven reaction of the Spanish government:

I was granted asylum because of my criticisms of Islam. I have formally asked the Spanish government for the prohibition of Koran in Spain. I have given thousands of interviews to radio and TV channels. I wrote articles in newspapers. But I was never told by anyone that what I am doing is illegal. Now suddenly they try to revoke my refugee status, detain me and prosecute me for offending Muslims’ religious sentiments. Why? There may be two reasons: Fear of violence by Muslims abroad and in Spain, and conflicts in diplomatic relations with Islamic countries which are investing in Spain.

According to Firasat, the three “specific responses” of the Spanish government were:

  • Threat of revoking refugee status
  • Threat of detention
  • Prosecuting [him] for inciting hate and discrimination

The next day (Thursday 12/13/12), as recorded in this interview (hat tip Gates of Vienna), Firasat succumbed to threats by the Spanish government to deport him to Pakistan, dissociating himself from the release of the movie. Firsarat related this information

The video will be released, not by me, but by pastor Terry Jones…[in] the USA

Here is the (1 hour 11 minute and 36 second) video:


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