Didactic Video Report: U.S. Syrian Jihadist “Allies” Establish Brutally Unjust Aleppo Sharia Courts

Posted at Pajamas Media:

Watch the embedded video at the blog.   It is a very didactic video for those unaware of what the “rebels”—at least those doing the actual fighting of Assad’s forces—have in mind for Syrian society, should they prevail.

Hence my conclusion:

“It is both morally unconscionable, and a looming geo-strategic disaster for the U.S. to be supporting with armaments, and potentially, missile strikes against the Assad regime,  predatory, jihad-promoting “allies” who aggressively seek broad application of such a brutally unjust, Islamic Sharia totalitarian system.”

Many thanks for Translation to C.B.Sashenka,  and subtitling to www.vladtepesblog.com

Here is embedded video:

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