Monthly Archives: April 2008

“In Your Sharia Bonnet, With Eye Slits Upon It, You’ll be the Grandest Concubine of the Muhammad Day Parade”

Hat Tip Jihad Watch, regarding this story, “Binghamton, NY: ‘Islamberg’ to hold parade in honor of Muhammad’s birthday,” this Saturday, April 5, 2008, and With Deepest Apologies to Irving Berlin’s “Easter Parade” Lyrics!   In your Sharia bonnet with eye … Continue reading

The Un-Intelligencer’s Malicious Ignorance

“You do not have to be a “self styled expert in Islam”  to see the fallacy in Kuntzel’s thesis any more than you have to be a self-styled expert in astronomy to know that the moon is not made of … Continue reading

Geert’s The Bomb

Kurt Westegaard got his original Bomb Muhammad cartoon removed from Fitna, and has drawn a  “tribute” to Geert Wilders (above). Diana West,  citing this NIS story alerts us to the fact that,    Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) has the most … Continue reading