Mattis’ See-No-Islam Leadership Is Responsible For “Insider Killings” Of US Troops In Afghanistan

U.S. Marine Gen. James Mattis and Kandahar Provincial Governor Gul Agha Shirzai attend a flag raising ceremony in which the American and Afghan flags were raised at Kandahar International Airport, January 1, 2002.


At PJ Media, I explain how General, and now Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ “Counterinsurgency” [COIN] doctrine—a toxic brew of Islamic bowdlerization, and willful, morally depraved disregard for the safety of American troops—are responsible for the ongoing murder of U.S. military personnel by our ostensible “Afghan allies,” during so-called “green on blue,” or “insider” attacks.

“Secretary of Defense Mattis remains stubbornly and callously oblivious to the timeless wisdom of Saint-Exupéry, re-affirmed by more than a decade of identical bloody experiences with our Afghan Muslim ‘allies,’ whose own ‘love of Allah takes precedence.’ Simply put, ‘insider killings’ are a direct consequence of Mattis’ failed, morally repugnant COIN doctrine.”

Please read it all, here.

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