Brief Thoughts on Ukrainian President Zelensky’s March 16, 2022 Speech to the U.S. Congress

If the U.S. and NATO had taken seriously the Russian Communist and Chinese Communist military buildup, especially the Russian nuclear buildup, I’d say “yes”, absolutely, to a No-Fly-Zone. We did not, so NO, we are too weak and vulnerable to implement and enforce such an operation. However, I am all in favor of arming the Ukrainians with everything Zelensky just requested—he knew not to ask for patriot missiles, but I would have supplied the patriots too. And Ukrainian pilots should fly in the MIGs Poland provided from wherever they are now.

Ukrainian nationalists have been fighting for Ukraine’s autonomy against the Communists since Lenin, both the Nazis and Soviet Communists during WW2, and the Soviet Communists again after WW2. Futile as this struggle may be, overall, why should they stop now, with or without the support of non-Communist countries—albeit preferably with? The more the Ukrainians tie up the Russian Communists the more willfully blind idiotarians among our “leadership” and chattering classes in the non-Communist countries, especially Western European countries, and the U.S., can wake up and reclaim their own energy independence, secure their own borders, and buildup their own military deterrence—if they even wish to any longer. Perhaps they don’t and all, including the U.S. will just be passively absorbed into the new hybrid Neo-Soviet-Chinese Communist world order KGB-defector Anatoly Golitysn predicted in 1993, now rapidly taking shape before our eyes.

“US policy makers should urgently re-examine their assumptions about the ‘progress’ of Russia and China ‘towards democracy’. They should take account of Sino-Russian strategy and should recognize that the long-term strategic, political and economic threat comes from a Sino-Russian axis and associated participants like

North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Syria. The Russian and Chinese leaders are still committed to their objective of world domination and believe that, disguised as ‘democrats’, in accordance with Leninist teaching, they will be able to achieve it… It should be remembered that soon after the adoption of the Sino-Soviet strategy formulated in 1958-60, Mao, one of its main authors, uttered words to the effect that ‘We should pull the United States’ nuclear teeth and turn it into a paper tiger’ Behind the mask of diplomatic and political cooperation and partnership with the United States and Europe, the current Russian leaders are following the strategy of their predecessors and working towards a ‘New World Order’...When the right moment comes the mask will be dropped and the Russians with Chinese help will seek to impose their system on the West on their own terms as the culmination of a ‘Second October Socialist Revolution’… Too late it will be realized that there have been no equivalent reductions in the power and effectiveness of the Russian and Chinese armed forces or their intelligence and security services. A real swing in the balance of power in favor of a Sino-Soviet alliance vis-a-vis the free world will have taken place giving the Russians and Chinese a preponderant share in setting up the new World Government system and leaving the West with little choice but to compete with them in designing the New World Social Order.”

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