Breitbart Book Review of “Islam’s Final Solution For Israel” by Andrew Harrod

Breitbart Book Review of “Islam’s Final Solution For Israel” by Andrew Harrod

Enduring Enmity: Iran, Israel, and Islamic Anti-Semitism

Concluding extracts:

Gullibility aids deceit where objective study of Islam “has given way to apologetics pure and simple” in Dr. Bostom’s “Trusting Khomeini Syndrome,” derived from Professor Richard Falk’s 1979 New York Times article. Therein Falk’s “sheer, triumphal idiocy” and “moral cretinism” reached the article title’s conclusion of “Trusting Khomeini,” now reprised in “Trusting Khamenei.” Although “pathognomonic of two devastating Western maladies—cultural self-loathing and jihad denial,” Falk’s outlook “now compromises U.S. analysis of Iran across the politico-ideological spectrum.”

Accordingly, a Center for Strategic and International Studies report on Iran contains no mention of “jihad,” “Jews,” or “anti-Semitism” across 228 pages. Even a February 17, 2014 essay in the conservative Weekly Standard somehow writes of Iran’s ayatollahs having “perverted” Shiite Islam. “Hagiographic assessments of” Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani also “abound, transcending the ideological ‘right-left’ chattering classes, and policymaking divide.”

Yet Ambassador L. Paul Bremer’s deputy, John Agresto, discerned during America’s Iraq campaign that the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian Sistani sought to emulate Iran’s Shiite theocracy in Iraq. After all, Agresto noted that the often overlooked facts of Sistani’s Iranian birth, citizenship, and religious training. While Bremer thought that Sistani avoided personal meetings in order not to lose political credibility, Bostom suggests Sistani’s publicly expressed najis beliefs were the real reason. His “views on najis were—and remain—quite visible, if not to the willfully blind.” To counter this and other blindness, Bostom’s enlightening research is well worth the read.

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