Silencing the Jews, Redux

Tarek Fatah—“Hardened Secular, Moderate Muslim” Antisemite Heir of Al-Maghribi

My essay on Mr. Fatah’s diatribe against the Canadian Jewish community, and Jews at large, appears in Pajamas Media today. Fatah, hailed as “a paragon of secularism and moderation,” makes plain his desire to impose Islamic blasphemy law on Jews. This is hardly surprising, given the supremacist nature of mainstream, classical Islamic doctrine and practice for over a millennium, through the present era, as the great Orientalist Gustave von Grunebaum observed in 1971:

Islam is interested in making the world safe for Islam, in getting Islam into the controlling position and making it possible for Islam to be practiced perfectly, completely, and without any danger of controversion or subversion wherever Islam wishes to be practiced.

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