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New Book: “Sharia Versus Freedom”—Description and Cover Design

Prometheus Books New Releases – September 2012 Islamic Studies Sharia versus Freedom–The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism Andrew G. Bostom Foreword by Andrew C. McCarthy Shows indisputably the incompatibility of Sharia with universal human rights  “Regarding the subject of Islam, apologists … Continue reading

Nonpareil Nonie Darwish: Video from C-SPAN Book TV

Nonie Darwish, reflects upon the Orwellian-named Arab Spring, and Islam’s religio-political totalitarian Sharia…and much more Full video can be accessed at this link by clicking button marked “Watch This Program”

Egyptian MB Presidential Candidate: “Indeed Islam is Religion and State”

As noted yesterday, Dr. Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), will be the popular, mainstream Egyptian Islamic party’s candidate for the Presidency, breaking the MB’s pledge not to seek this executive office, and assure itself a potential … Continue reading