Senator Joseph McCarthy’s 1955 Tribute To Jews: “Congenital Enemies of Communism…Guardians of The Individual’s Freedom”

“…Jewish people are congenital enemies of Communism. Those of the Jewish faith are, historically, champions of liberty. They are, traditionally, jealous guardians of the individual’s freedom—political, economic, social. These things Communism is determined to destroy.”


Rabbi Benjamin Schultz’s (d. Saturday, April 22, 1978) nearly five decades of service was punctuated by his stalwart opposition to both Nazi and Communist liberty-crushing totalitarianism, and Jew-hatred. He helped found, and became the executive director of the American Jewish League Against Communism, in 1948, describing the organization during his July 13, 1949 testimony before The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), as follows:

The American Jewish League Against Communism represents the majority viewpoint of American Jews on this subject of communism. On our board of directors are such representative men as Brig. Gen. Julius Klein, a past national commander of the Jewish War Veterans; your own colleague, the Hon. Abraham J. Multer; Isaac Don Levine; Eugene Lyons; Alfred Kohlberg; Morrie Ryskind, of Hollywood; Rabbi David S. Savitz; and Rabbi Ascher M. Yager, leading orthodox rabbis of New York.

Rabbi Schultz also made himself intimately and uniquely knowledgeable about Communist Jew-hatred, translating Gregor Aronson’s “Soviet Russia and The Jews,” published as a 51-page pamphlet by the American Jewish League Against Communism, in 1949.  Rabbi Schultz’s July 13, 1949 HUAC testimony riveted upon the visceral totalitarian evil of Communism, “equivalent to Fascism and Nazism,” and antithetical to American freedom, which was rooted in the Judeo-Christian ideal of individual liberty:

As a rabbi, a believer in God, a servant of mankind, I cry out against this black force of communism which is ushering a new dark age into much of our world, and which seems to be expanding. It brings nothing but chains and stultification of the soil to the individual. The individual is sacred. He is not a clod. He is formed in the image of God. Communism would make him a clod. Moses commanded: “Proclaim liberty throughout the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof.” This is found on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The real Jew cannot help being a good American. As a Jew, I consider Communism equivalent to Fascism and Nazism as a great historic evil.

Ignoring the unhinged, vicious calumnies of the Anti-Anti-Communists (which persist to this day, despite reams of countervailing evidence), and their abettors in the chattering classes, Schultz forged an open alliance with Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy. Rabbi Schultz took great umbrage at the calumny which tried to conflate McCarthy’s anti-Communism, with antisemitism. Schultz’s 1954 essay [“Is Everybody Anti-Semitic?” The American Mercury, July 1954, pp. 137-142] elaborated his argument. He noted how,

A popular monthly asked a racial “defense” agency executive whether the Senator is antisemitic. The very question showed the inroads of propaganda, for McCarthy is anti-Communist. The answer came and was printed: “Our files reflect no evidence of antisemitic activity on the part of Senator McCarthy.”

But then came the mealy mouthed, non-sequitur “addendum” which condemned McCarthy anyway, perhaps under external pressure:

Maybe there was an office uproar, and maybe there wasn’t. Maybe it was a coincidence. But the defense group, at once, circulated a statement that while he is not an antisemite in the crude or professional sense, “Senator McCarthy’s methods have injured many of the democratic institutions” and “the extension of civil rights and liberties” upon which “the security of our minority groups is largely dependent.”

Schultz continued derisively, with a plaintive admonition:

There you have it. Translated from its mock-sociologese, this simply means that Red-hunting is antisemitism. It is an insult to the Jewish people. It links the Jews, officially, with the Communists at worst, and the [Americans for Democratic Action] ADA’ers and eggheads at best. No one has a moral right to do that to us, to defame the plain Jew on Main Street and in full view of American opinion to boost bigotry in the name of fighting it.

And Rabbi Schultz concluded this July, 1954 essay with a warning about the corrosive effect of defamatory allegations of antisemitism leveled against political conservatives, which persists into our era, advancing the treasonous anti-Judeo-Christian, totalitarian socialist/communist agenda:

In America, last bastion of free opportunity, we must not let infiltration and organized deception weaken our inner defenses. The false charge of antisemitism is clouding the reputation of one fine conservative after another. This is hardly accidental. The true bigots, profiting from this implied respectability, would unhesitatingly join their Communist allies in destroying Jew and non-Jew alike. Today they live on each other and both feed on tension. Now more than ever, Americans must judge their neighbors as humans and individuals, without distinction of race or creed. Let all understand that no Communist is either a real Christian or a real Jew. And let us not heed the alien sirens playing on our sensitivities for purposes of politics and eventually of treason.

Earlier [“McCarthy U. N. Probe Questions 2,” New York Herald Tribune, Sep 15, 1953, p. 1], Rabbi Schultz was unequivocal in championing the struggle McCarthy waged against Communist totalitarianism, and the indifference—or worse—of his antagonists:

McCarthy has become the touchstone by which we test an American. Those against McCarthy, or indifferent, are serving the ends of the Kremlin—unwittingly at best, and deliberately and treacherously at worst…

Senator McCarthy’s admiration for Rabbi Schultz was reciprocal, and he was the keynote speaker at an April, 1955 dinner in Schultz’s honor [“700 Honor Rabbi Schultz For Fight on Communism—McCarthy Leads Tribute” New York Herald Tribune, Apr 21, 1955, p.12]. The text of McCarthy’s remarkably philosemitic speech, which rivets upon the ideological yawning gap between Jews as “champions of liberty” which Communists were “determined to destroy”—hence “the eternal hostility between Judaism and Communism”—is reproduced in full, below.


[Document: Testimonial Dinner for Rabbi Benjamin Schultz, 20 April 1955]




APRIL 20, 1955

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Our meeting tonight is long overdue. The gallant warrior we are honoring has been covering himself with glory for so many years, it’s a wonder we have never stopped, until now, to say thanks. That’s the trouble, Ben, with being a solid, unwavering bastion of strength—like the rock of Gibraltar, people tend to take you for granted. I regret this is not the tenth or twentieth time we have gathered to honor you; but I thank God we have always been able to take you for granted! Someone recently observed that no man is indispensable. As regards some matters, I emphatically agree. But in other fields, I would be more cautious. How, for example, would the  anti-Communist fight have fared over the past decade without Rabbi Schultz? And how should we bear the loss if ever he were to leave his post? Some men in some jobs, let’s face it are indispensable.

What is it that can make a man indispensable in this struggle? Is it the possession of keen insights—an understanding of the fallacies of Communist doctrine, an appreciation of the moral evil it contains? Or is it practical shrewdness in the day-to-day battles? Is it an ability to joust with dialecticians at the intellectual level? Or is it stubbornness and grit at the street level? Is it unflagging courage? Is it single-mindedness of purpose—an unswerving determination to defeat the enemy absolutely? Each of these qualities is a scarce commodity; the possession of any one of them makes a man valuable to the anti-Communist cause. But when you find them all in one individual, you have found a rare man indeed; and you can afford to talk about indispensability. The good Lord put in all the ingredients when he made Ben Schultz.

Ben Schultz’ contributions to the anti-Communist cause are innumerable, and many of them have been cited here tonight. We have heard, and we might well hear a great deal more, of his distinguished accomplishments—as an arresting orator, as a skillful writer, as an organizer. But it is in this latter capacity—as the founder and guiding star of the American Jewish League Against Communism—that Ben Schultz has performed what is perhaps his most distinguished service. Ben Schultz, ably seconded by Roy Cohn, Benjamin Gitlow, Frank Chodorov, Judge Irving Kaufman, Eugene Lyons, George Sokolsky, Walter Winchell, Alfred Kohlberg, Ben Mandell, and countless other leaders who share his religious beliefs, has, through his organization, managed to expose the malicious myth that persons of the Jewish faith and Communists have something in common. This wicked falsehood has been ruthlessly exploited by the Communists for their own ends.

The Communists sow this particular seed of discord by two methods. First, they emphasize the religion of traitors or security risks in those instances where it so happens they are of the Jewish faith. This type of propaganda, as the Communists well know, catalyzes latent prejudices and creates race hatred. Why don’t the Communists comment on [Soviet spy] Alger Hiss’s or [convicted espionage tool, at minimum]  William Remington’s religion? The reason is obvious: there is no profit here, no conspicuous prejudice to exploit, no promise of creating division or suspicion. The second Communist method of exploiting the race issue is more subtle. Rabbi Schultz shrewdly diagnosed it in an article for the AMERICAN MERCURY [“Is Everybody Antisemitic?” The American Mercury, July 1954, pp. 137-142] last summer. The Communists energetically peddle the line that anti-Communism and antisemitism go hand in hand—specifically that hard anti-Communists are ipso facto antisemitic. This slur is, of course, pure invention; but it commonly results, as Ben Schultz suggests, in one of two things—both of which give aid and comfort to the Communists. Some non-Jewish Americans are angered by the accusation, and in reaction to it, turn their resentment against Jewish people. Others are intimidated by it, and with an eye to their political fortunes, decline to take an active role in the anti-Communist fight. Either way—whether race dissension is created, or people are frightened off from joining the anti-Communist fight—either way, the Communists win.

Let’s make no mistake about this: the Communists are waging a diabolically clever campaign. But its effectiveness has, to a great extent, been blunted by the work of Rabbi Schultz and the American Jewish League Against Communism. The very existence of this hard-hitting anti-Communist group gives the lie to a vitally important item of Communist propaganda. And I say to you that I frankly doubt there is a single organization in this country that the Communists are more anxious to destroy. There are two reasons why I am confident the Communists will not be successful in this. First, Ben Schultz and his indomitable crew of heroes will not be beaten down by anybody. Second, and perhaps of greater importance is the fact that Jewish people are congenital enemies of Communism. Those of the Jewish faith are, historically, champions of liberty. They are, traditionally, jealous guardians of the individual’s freedom—political, economic, social. These things Communism is determined to destroy. And remember too that persons of the Jewish faith have, by forces of circumstances, a vested interest in tolerance. It is not an interest in tolerance of moral evil such as Communism embodies. But within the framework of belief in the dignity of the individual they insist on tolerance of diverse religious and political beliefs. This is a position that Communists cannot abide. Jewish people know this—they are keenly aware that in a Communist society it is only the Communist and Communist dogma that is tolerated. Far and away the most valuable contribution of Ben Schultz and his organization is that they dramatically symbolize the eternal hostility between Judaism and Communism.

It’s a personal honor to me, Ben, to be able to join in paying tribute to you. But I don’t speak just for myself. I think I speak for all of your debtors—all of the American people. You have served your country well. Thank you, Good luck and God-speed.


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