77% of Democrats (and Ron Paul) Voted Against ROE That Protect Our Troops

Florida Republican Congressman John Mica offered the following morally clear Amendment (5/25/2011—H.AMDT.318 (A018) Amends H.R.1540):

Amendment requires that the rules of engagement [ROE] allow any military service personnel assigned to duty in a designated hostile fire area to have rules of engagement that fully protect their right to proactively defend themselves from hostile actions.

The results? (tallied here):

143 out of 185 Democrats present—77%—voted AGAINST this amendment; 217 out of 235 Republicans present—92%—voted FOR it.

As for the two Republicans in Congress who are Presidential candidates, Michelle Bachmann voted for the amendment; Ron Paul against it.

Every “No” vote—the 142 Democrats AND the 18 Republicans—is undeserving of re-election. No exceptions.

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