Mark Levin on Islamic Canine Cruelty and “Democratization” (Updated)

Last night (8/17/11) Mark Levin read my essay about the “sacralized” Islamic brutalization of dogs in Afghanistan on the air and offered his own poignant—and trenchant—commentary about the wisdom of “democratization” efforts in Sharia-based Muslim societies.

The audio is available HERE, then scroll to minute 75, and listen till the segment ends at minute 87. Levin makes this salient point:

“If you’re prepared to treat a puppy, or a dog this way, is there any wonder, any wonder that democracy doesn’t take hold in some parts of the world? I’m very serious about this. These animals aren’t a threat to anybody. They don’t even have a history of religious battles, ancestral fights, none of it, they are as pure joy and happiness as you can get. If you’re so full of hate, and contempt and you don’t have a heart and a soul, and you’re going to treat puppies and dogs in this way, you’re going to treat other human beings this way. This is why I don’t buy into the ‘democracy project.’ ”

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