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Losing Our Soul to the Islamintern

Sada Cumber, Our Man at the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), believes, “oh my goodness, I think the Muslim values that they [the OIC] are aspiring here are exactly in sync’ with American values”… According to this story (3/16/08), Sada Cumber, … Continue reading

The Racist Theology of Obama’s Church: Breaking The James Cone Of Silence

As noted by Spengler in The Asia Times (3/18/08) Senator Barack Obama’s Reverend and mentor, the bigoted Jeremiah Wright, invoked James Cone, repeatedly, during a now infamous interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News:   “Wright: How many of Cone’s books … Continue reading

An-Naim’s Fantasy Islam in The NY Post

An-Naim: Does he really believe like his mentor, Mahmoud Muhammad Taha, that the jihad-waging sword of Islam was a surgeon’s lancet, “justifying the use of the sword, we may describe it as a surgeon’s lancet, and not a butcher’s knife…We … Continue reading

SPME Highlights Late May Release of “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”

Scholars for Peace in The Middle East (SPME) published this announcement in SPME News, March 5, 2008:    DR. ANDREW BOSTOM AVAILABLE TO SPEAK IN THE U.S. AND CANADA ABOUT HIS NEW BOOK ON ISLAMIC ANTISEMITISM, THIS MAY/JUNE Andrew G. Bostom, … Continue reading

Prof. Hans Jansen Gets Mad As Hell and Just Can’t Take It Any More!

Network’s Howard Beale (Peter Finch) Railed (and Died Before Receiving His Academy Award)…   Hans Jansen Writes Passionate Truths, and Long May He Live !! Addendum: Clarification/Caveat from Prof. Jansen: My book Zelf Koranlezen (ca. Reading the Quran by yourself) is … Continue reading

Dershowitz Silent as Harvard Becomes the Hub for Sharia

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz circa October 15, 2003, accepting an award for his efforts to protect the separation of religion (church) and state. At this event, he stated, “…the concept of freedom from religion, is more important than any … Continue reading

Iran Celebrates World Kidney Day

Inspiration for Iran’s new kidney donation campaign in celebration of World Kidney Day. Today, March 13, 2008, is World Kidney Day. The US National Kidney Foundation promotes World Kidney Day as part of its ongoing efforts to encourage public education … Continue reading

Peaceful Thai Muslims for Beheading “Blasphemers”

From this story without comment,  “Members of an organization called the Muslim Group of Peace demonstrated peacefully outside the Bangkok embassy for about two hours and called on all Thai Muslims to boycott Danish products.” And note this particularly peaceful, … Continue reading

What The Muslim Party of (The First Part of) France Wants

The poster above is of Mohamed Latrèche, a Muslim running for mayor of Strasbourg on the PMF party (Party of the Muslims of France). According to The Brussels Journal,  He stands for “real change” (le vrai changement). Gaëlle Mann, a … Continue reading

Bernard Lewis on Jihad: Egregiously Misleading New Statements

Please. I’ll pay for the condo in Boca Raton, and ample supplies of plaid pants, white shoes, and early bird dinner special coupons, if you will stop giving interviews which affirm ahistorical notions like these, and your mindless acolytes then propagate … Continue reading