Iranian Nukes and Mousavi’s Soylent Green Revolution

Are Iranian nukes still a concern for enthusiasts of Mousavi’s Soylent Green Revolution? If so, what better time to act??

Enthusiasts for Mousavi’s Soylent Green  Revolution might just wish to momentarily banish their delusions, and concentrate their minds by reading Wes Prudden’s column today (6/23/09). Prudden addresses the crux of what concerns us “churls” who remain very skeptical about irredentist Iran and what Mousavi’s Soylent Green Revolution actually means:


“So only a churl would rain on the parade of the brave and the bold, but a realist can see the limits of the romantic view of what’s going on inside Iran. The most important of the losing candidates, Mir Hossein Mousavi, was no doubt cheated of many votes – maybe enough to have been cheated out of the presidency. But as sad as that is, the greater danger for America and the West is that the boiling rage in the streets will divert attention from what’s most crucial, most urgent and most important. Stopping the Iranian bomb, not correcting theft of an election, is what counts most.”


“…Indulging the romantic view of the rage diverts attention from Iran’s nuclear scientists, who continue to build centrifuges and enrich uranium on the way to developing a bomb, by most estimates a year away. “


“…The consequences of taking out the Iranian nuclear works, or enabling Israel to do it… [for Obama/the US] would be awful, exceeded only by the consequences of allowing the mullahs in Tehran to get their bomb. Then everybody in Arabia would want one. The Saudis would buy one from Pakistan; certain intelligence sources say a deal is already in the works to deliver it once an Iranian bomb is in place. If the Shi’ites have a bomb, it’s only logical, as logic is measured in that miserable corner of the world, for the Sunnis to get one. Every thuggish eighth-century theocracy must be fully armed.”



And I would ask Netanyahu enthusiasts, and Bibi himself, since the feckless Obama and his administration will likely do nothing: isn’t now an opportune time for Israel to take advantage of the chaos in irredentist Iran, engendered by Mousavi’s Soylent Green Revolution, and damage, if not destroy Iran’s nuclear capability?

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