“ ‘Movements’ that spring from purely Islamic sources…are movements—backwards”

“Visionary” for The Soylent Green Revolution and His “Inspiration”


Diana West has a superb blog on Mousavi’s current “vision”—the animating “spirit” of The Soylent Green Revolution now unfolding in Iran, epitomized by the cries of “Allahu Akbar” (just in case anyone thought the demonstrators might be saying “I want a Clark Bar” as an appeal for “secularism”)—which represents a mere return to the 1979 Khomeini “vision,” and would include the destruction of Israel.


Below is an excerpt from Diana’s blog, but read the entire Mousavi text she has posted:


Mousavi isn’t about to take Iran into the future;  he’s all about turning the clock back to 1979—as he puts it, “to the Islamic revolution as it was.”


Don’t miss the quotation at the bottom: “We are not up against our sacred regime and its legal structures; this structure guards our Independence, Freedom, and Islamic Republic. We are up against the deviations and deceptions and we want to reform them; a reformation that returns us to the pure principles of the Islamic Revolution.”


Sounds pretty Stalinist by way of Mecca to me.


This depressing closed Islamic circle mindset—which still holds sway—was elucidated a century ago (in 1909) by the scholar W.H.T. Gairdner, while his candor and wisdom are  absent among our contemporary elites, most notably those suffering from Soylent Green Revolution Derangement Syndrome:


It remains to be seen how soon the reformers will realize the account that must sooner or later be settled between real civil and religious liberty and Mohammedan sacred law or ‘Shariat’ (including the Koran, and the Traditions)It remains to be seen… whether the zimmi [dhimmi], (non-Muslim subjects) can ever really be accorded equal rights with the Moslem in Moslem states; whether the habit of freedom can be taught; and whether the root of the whole social evil, the position of women, can be touched, while a belief in the Koran remains...But apart from the problematic future, we have the historical past:- by the confession of the entire Moslem world itself, nothing could have been more deplorable from every point of view, moral, social, intellectual, political, and even religious, than the state of all Moslem lands before the reform movement from the West agitated them. This was freely admitted at a Moslem Conference held lately at Mecca…Is this confessed failure, then, due to Islam, or is it not? All that can be said is that Islam had practically had an absolute monopoly of influence where the state of things had been brought about; and that the impulse towards change in no case sprang-apparently could not have sprung-from any purely Islamic source. These are, at least, two solid facts. The “movements” that spring from purely Islamic sources are typified by names like Abd ul Wahhab, the Mahdi, El-Senussi [NOTE: and one could add Khomeini!]: And these movements are movements-backwards.”


Finally, Debbie Schlussel (hat tip for the photo above) reminds us of Mousavi’s bloody anti-US fanaticism manifest in his helping to orchestrate the horrific 1983 attacks on the Marine barracks and US embassy in Beirut which left over 300 Marines and embassy personnel dead.

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