Netanyahu’s Galvanizing Speech and Developing Obamo-Sanity in Israel?

Maybe there is a Sanity Clause in Israel after all?


According to this Jerusalem Post report,


“only 6 percent of Israeli Jews see President Barack Obama’s administration as pro-Israel, while 50 percent see it as pro-Palestinian.”


To P, N,  B, and H—My (Deceased Cartoonist) Larry Gore “I think you’re right” Moment:


Netanyahu’s speech (despite its major limitation which I will describe in a subsequent post) appears to have served a critically  important purpose—galvanizing the Israeli public against the obscene pressure of Obama and his cadre of equally cretinous minions and enforcers from Mrs. Bill Clinton, to Hey There Georgie Boy Mitchell. The Post report explains:



Another adviser said polls have consistently shown that Israelis believed the Arabs were at fault for the lack of Middle East peace and they reject perceived attempts by Obama to blame Israel or take an even-handed approach.


The advisers suggested that the positive atmosphere regarding Netanyahu after his speech also had an impact. They said polls have shown that an overwhelming majority of Israelis agreed with Netanyahu’s vision and believed he was speaking for a consensus of Israelis in his response to Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Cairo.


Netanyahu’s external adviser Zalman Shoval, who was speaking for himself,

questioned whether the Obama administration could mediate the Middle East conflict due to the numbers and its recent statements and actions.


“Some of the indications we have seen in the last few weeks make it more difficult for Israelis to see the US in its traditional role as an honest broker,” said Shoval, a former ambassador to the US, who will head a committee on Israel-American relations that national security adviser Uzi Arad will form soon. “The vast majority of Israelis don’t blame the prime minister for a confrontation with the US. They are putting the onus on the Obama administration.”

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