Robert Baer: Koran-inspired Libyan rebels “as likely to attack the CIA as Qaddafi”

Baer’s essentials of the Libyan “freedom fighters”

Former CIA operative Robert Baer had extensive hands-on experience in Libya during his career. Here is Baer’s assessment of the Libyan “freedom fighters” from a recent CNN interview, which features his acknowledgments of the Koranic incitement to jihad, and the fact that the “rebels” jihad is equally likely to be waged on the US/CIA, as Qaddafi!

These guys are hard to control, especially the Muslim Brothers. They are fighting according to the Koran. You don’t give them orders and they don’t follow them.

Asked about US understanding of the “rebel” movement, Baer responded,

They [the US/CIA] don’t have a clue. These guys [the “rebels”] are as likely to attack the CIA as Qaddafi.

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