The Moral Depravity of Our Afghan “Allies” and Dhimmi Military “Leadership”

Our Afghan Allies Expressing Thanks for the Sacrifice of US Blood and Treasure

(Hat tips Fred Gedrich)

Una Moore, self-described “international development professional based in Afghanistan,” despite a predilection for immoral equivalence, captures the sheer futility of any Western endeavor in this hotbed of Islamic irredentism. The blasphemy murder mob which killed 8 United Nations workers was not comprised of “Taliban,” or other usual suspect “extremists”—just “enraged men,” local Muslims easily aroused to commit acts of lethal anti-infidel fanaticism against non-Muslims seeking to aid their society.

Foreigners have been killed in Afghanistan before, and today’s attack was not the first fatal attack on UN staff.  But it was different than previous fatal attacks. Very different. The killers were ordinary residents of a city deemed peaceful enough to be one of the first places transferred to the control of Afghan security forces. The men who broke into the UN compound, set fires and killed eight people weren’t Taliban, or henchmen of a brutal warlord, or members of a criminal gang. They weren’t even armed when the protests began –they took weapons from the UN guards who were their first victims.

Foreigners committed to assisting in the rebuilding of Afghanistan have long accepted the possibility that they might die at the hands of warring parties, but this degree of violence from ordinary citizens is not something most of us factored into our decision to work here.

Tonight, the governor of Balkh province (of which Mazar-i-Sharif is the capital) is telling the international media that the men who sacked the UN compound were Taliban infiltrators. That’s rubbish. Local clerics drove around the city with megaphones yesterday, calling residents to protest the actions of a small group of attention-seeking, bigoted Americans. Then, during today’s protest, someone announced that not just one, but hundreds of Korans had been burned in America. A throng of enraged men rushed the gates of the UN compound, determined to draw blood.  Had the attackers been gunmen, they would likely have been killed before they could breach the compound.

I was sharing a meal with aid worker friends when I heard the news. Phones began buzzing. Security officers were demanding that my friends return to their compounds immediately. Cars had already been sent to retrieve them. Lockdown was in effect.

This is not the beginning of the end for the international community in Afghanistan. This is the end. Terry Jones and others will continue to pull anti-Islam stunts and opportunistic extremists here will use those actions to incite attacks against foreigners. Unless we, the internationals, want our guards to fire on unarmed protesters from now on, the day has come for us to leave Afghanistan.

Tragically, the same immoral equivalence is evident in this statement by our own General Petraeus.

In view of the events of recent days, we feel it is important on behalf of ISAF and NATO members in Afghanistan to reiterate our condemnation of any disrespect to the Holy Quran and the Muslim faith. We condemn, in particular, the action of an individual in the United States who recently burned the Holy Quran. We also offer condolences to the families of all those injured and killed in violence which occurred in the wake of the burning of the Holy Quran. We further hope the Afghan people understand that the actions of a small number of individuals, who have been extremely disrespectful to the Holy Quran, are not representative of any of the countries of the international community who are in Afghanistan to help the Afghan people.

What a disgraceful statement that entirely ignores condemnation first and foremost of the fanatical Afghan Muslim murderers. Petraeus’ utterance is further proof that we need new military leadership which understands the jihadist enemy and its threat doctrine so that more brave American soldiers are not sacrificed on the alter of insane, morally bankrupt dhimmi “social work,” masquerading as military strategy.

It is time for the US to leave the hatemongering  Muslim morass of Afghanistan given the moral depravity of both the jihadist enemy and our dhimmi “military leadership.”

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