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Shi’ite Iran’s Genocidal Jew Hatred (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1   Shah Ismail’s Living Legacy   At the outset of the 16th century, Iran’s Safavid rulers formally established Shi’a Islam as the state religion, while permitting a clerical hierarchy nearly unlimited control and influence over all … Continue reading

Shi’ite Iran’s Genocidal Jew Hatred (Part 1)

  Al-Majlisi (d. 1699), the Khomeini of Safavid Iran   Summary   Earlier this week Professors Moshe Sharon and Benny Morris both opined solemnly about an inevitable Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. These two respected Israeli academicians, despite holding … Continue reading

A Sign of Intelligent (Non-Dhimmi) Life in the Jewish Community of London

Rabbi Brichto   Rabbi Dr Sidney Brichto writes a letter to The Telegraph in response to the Arch-Dhimmi of Canterbury’s ongoing appeasement of Muslim supremacism in the guise of “understanding”   The Archbishop of Canterbury’s letter to Muslim leaders looked … Continue reading

Barry Rubin Tries to Educate Barrack “Barry” Obama and the “Barrytowners”

  Obama (left in photo) with his brother Malik (holding photo) reportedly in 1985         My colleague the astute and witty Political Scientist Barry Rubin attempts, gamely, to penetrate the naïve and ignorant hubris of Barrack “Barry” … Continue reading

“Israel is a Miracle” (And So Is Bat Ye’or!)

  Bat Ye’or   As part of the publicity surrounding the release of the Hebrew edition of “Eurabia” by Schocken Press, Bat Ye’or gave this interview, and this lecture (only the introduction is included). At the conclusion of her interview … Continue reading

A “Mirror to the Absurd”, or Just a Mirror?

  “The doctor should be opaque to his patients and, like a mirror, should show them nothing but what is shown to him.”   —Sigmund Freud   From The New York Daily News on the New Yorker Obamas cover (above) … Continue reading

Video Link to C-SPAN2 Book TV Appearance Available

C-SPAN2 Book TV broadcast the videotape recording of my talk about The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism May 21, 2008 at The Hudson Institute this morning (7/13/08) at 7 AM EST/ 4 AM PST. There will be another broadcast overnight/ this … Continue reading

Sunday I will be on the radio with that shy wallflower Jackie Mason

  Tomorrow, Sunday July 13th (on my birthday no less), I am privileged to be on the radio with that shy wallflower Jackie Mason. As Don Feder noted in the summer of 2004, Jackie pulled no punches stating (amongst other … Continue reading

End the Moral Idiocy on Kashmir

  A 1990 Kashmir Hindu victim of jihad and immoral indifference         I participated in a forum on Kashmir last night at MIT in Boston, as this Muslim supremacist, jihad-inspired conflict—really a tragic ethnic cleansing of the … Continue reading

My C-SPAN2 Book TV Broadcast(s) This Sunday/Monday, July 13/14

The full video of my Hudson Institute lecture (from Wednesday May 21, 2008) about “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” will air  Sunday, July 13, at 7:00 AM and Monday, July 14, at 1:00 AM  on C-SPAN2 Book TV   (Consider … Continue reading