A Sign of Intelligent (Non-Dhimmi) Life in the Jewish Community of London

Rabbi Brichto


Rabbi Dr Sidney Brichto writes a letter to The Telegraph in response to the Arch-Dhimmi of Canterbury’s ongoing appeasement of Muslim supremacism in the guise of “understanding”


The Archbishop of Canterbury’s letter to Muslim leaders looked like appeasement

Sir- However well-meaning Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was in seeking “understanding between the faiths” (“Williams: Christian doctrine offends Muslims”, report, July 16), his letter to Islamic leaders was ill-conceived, as it sends out a message of appeasement at a time when Christians are suffering persecution in certain Muslim countries.In the absence of a similar letter to Jewish leaders, the letter is bizarre, as Jews were murdered and expelled from England, not for being offended by the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, but for allegedly murdering the Christian God.

All faiths have the right to their convictions. The only thing that should offend is an instruction to adherents to terrorise those who don’t share their own. So long as religious people respect the faith of others, they need not apologise for the intolerance of their forbears, for which they are not responsible.




Earlier, (April 8, 2004) Rabbi Brichto said this during a brief interview published in The Independent:


Is the war on terror a just war?


I think it is a war for Western survival, so it’s a defensive war.



And a year ago writing in The Jewish Chronicle of London Rabbi Brichto exposed and eviscerated the ugly hypocrisy of the dhimmi “progressive” Jews within his midst:


A group of Jews who are making it their profession to criticise Israel are now seeking to create an alternative to the Board of Deputies because, in their view, it cannot claim to represent the Jews because of its “blind defence” of Israel. If anything, the community feels that the Board should be bolder in demonstrating its support for the beleaguered country.This is because, for most Jews who love the State of Israel, the penny has dropped: Oslo was a sham. Arafat’s support of the intifadas and Hamas’s victory in the last Palestinian election all point to the inescapable conclusion that it never was enough to sacrifice land for peace, unless it was the whole land of Israel and the life of every Jew there. Otherwise why, when Sharon disengaged from Gaza, was the possibility of any Jews remaining there never even considered? Any Jew who did would have suffered the fate of its 23 beautiful synagogues — destruction.

So why are these Jews participating in the campaign to shame Israel? Why are they joining panels to condemn Israel’s abuse of human rights (and have the chutzpah to criticise the Israeli embassy for not participating)? Why are they seeking justice for the Palestinians through using every opportunity to claim that Israel is to blame for the atrocities inflicted on her because of her so-called disproportionate response? These Jews maintain they really care for the Zionist dream, but in fact reveal themselves as enemies of the Jewish people.

I recently agreed to participate in a seminar on Israel. The organisers suggested inviting another rabbi known for being publicly critical of Israel, to give the session “balance”. For the first time, my reply was: “No.” I love debates, but the time for debates between Jews over Israel is over. I once debated on the BBC’s Hardtalk with a fellow Liberal rabbi on Israel’s attack against Jenin, but never again! I will defend Israel against non-Jews, but will no longer debate with another Jew for the pleasure of a prejudiced TV presenter.

I doubt the motives of these Jews. Why do their hearts bleed more for the destruction of an Arab olive grove than for the barbaric killing of Jews in their marketplaces and discos? Why do they blame Israel for everything that goes wrong, eg it was she who originally strengthened Hamas, a counterbalance to the PLO, and if she had been more accommodating to President Abu Abbas, then Hamas would not have won the election, and so on? They never seem to wonder why most Palestinians would still prefer to live under an Israeli rather than a Palestinian government.

There is growing evidence that these Jews (some of whom have discovered their Jewishness only to express their hostility to Israel) have a left-wing ideology which transcends their love of kith and kin. Deep down they believe that a sovereign Jewish State was a mistake and wish it had never happened, and want to see it transformed, and don’t worry about the life-and-death consequences for those Jews living in it.

When Israel is at war with enemies who want to wipe her off the map, those Jews who collude with them must be condemned. I now say to friends, “Believe what you like, but if you in any way give assistance to the enemies of Israel, you become my enemy too.” My conscience does not permit me to fraternise with those who undermine the future of my people.



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