Documents pertaining to the sudden cardiac death of a 37-year old Rhode Island woman who developed myocarditis 12-days after covid-19 mRNA vaccination

VAERS report: VAERS rpt myocarditis at home death by autopsy

Emails between Dr. Bostom, the RI Medical Examiners Office, & RIDOH: emails 4.10.23 etc

Autopsy Report: Autopsy_Full w_redactions

RIDOH rejects release of any additional redacted documents: RIDOH Final Resp before Siri

Siri Law appeal on Dr. Bostom’s behalf: Siri_Rhode Island Records Request Appeal – Andy Bostom

RIDOH Director decision rejecting appeal: RIDOH Dir Decision Bostom_APRA_Appeal

RIDOH screenshot of a March 29, 2023 tweet by Dr. Bostom: Bostom Twitter Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 1.17.56 PM (002)

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