Burgeoning Evidence of Myopericarditis After Covid-19 Vaccination in Young People: A Call For Acknowledgment, Pause, and Serious Study

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS] (1) is a passive or “spontaneous” Centers For Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] and U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA] vaccine safety and monitoring system (2). Designed primarily for “safety signal detection,” VAERS describes potential associations between vaccine administration and adverse events, “hypothesis generation,” that could merit formal investigation (2). A recent example, which appears increasingly germane to covid-19 vaccination, in particular, with mRNA covid-19 vaccines available in the U.S. [i.e., from Pfizer and Moderna] (3), was the relationship between smallpox vaccination and the development of myopericarditis in military personnel, especially young men (4-8). Although not “hypothesis generating,” per se, a subsequent VAERS analysis (7), utilizing influenza vaccination (and other vaccinations) as a control, independently validated the association between smallpox vaccination and myopericarditis, as well as the lack of association, described earlier (8), with influenza vaccination. Granted understandable caveats about attributing “causality” to VAERS adverse events associations with vaccination (1,2), if anything, the system chronically under reports adverse events of possible interest (9).

With this background in mind, I applied the “preferred term” myocarditis/myopericarditis VAERS search strategy described by Su et al (7) for all vaccines,1990-2018, to the past 6-month experience with all covid-19 vaccines, only. Su et al tallied 705 VAERS case reports of myopericarditis over their designated 28-year time period. The identical VAERS search strategy applied to covid-19 vaccines administered in just the past 6-months [through 6/20/21] yielded 1160 cases of myopericarditis.

Apropos to heightened concerns about myopericarditis in those under 30-years of age following covid-19 mRNA vaccination (3), especially after the second dose, I also performed a subsequent VAERS analysis [6/21/21] of the limited available echocardiographic data from 496 VAERS cases in this young age group. Decreased ejection fraction—a marker of global left ventricular function (i.e., cardiac “pump” function)—is a demonstrated predictor of major adverse cardiac events following a bout of myocarditis (10,11).   Notwithstanding rather glib assertions that post-covid-19 vaccination myopericarditis is a benign phenomenon among those under 30-years old (12), 52/496, or 10.5% of these VAERS cases, reported “decreased ejection fractions.”

Immediately, this summer, controlled one-month longitudinal studies [see for example, ref. 8] of the incidence of myopericarditis should be conducted comparing covid-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated groups under 30-years of age, who undergo serial echocardiography, electrocardiography, and studies of blood cardiac injury markers [notably, troponin]. Pending completion of these studies, and rapid analyses of the data, there should be a moratorium on mass covid-19 vaccination of healthy, extraordinarily low covid-19 risk persons (13) less than 30-years old.


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