VIDEO link: The Brown University/Ivy League “Covid-19” Spring 2021 Baseball Ban: “Science” Or “Wokeism”?

Link to video:

My 2/24/21 interview with Mike Stenhouse in follow-up to Mike’s uniquely outstanding discussion (see it here:​) with 6 Brown University varsity baseball players whose 2021 season was cancelled due to alleged “covid-19” concerns. I reviewed data from a study of 30,074 Wisconsin High School athletes participating in fall sports during 2020 which revealed all of the following: C19 rates correlated with county rates (r=0.60), cases were acquired at home (55%) or outside sports (41%), and only 1/210 cases with a known source (0.5%) were due to sport contact, while masks did not decrease C19 incidence. (full study here:…​) These and other relevant data confirming the current state of C19’s dramatic, reassuring decline in RI, and across the country were discussed, including the ginned up, factitious hysteria on “covd-19 variants” (see debunking of C19 variant panic porn here:…​). I concluded that Brown University/The Ivy League shamefully sacrificed the baseball seasons of these young men, and all the varsity baseball players in their league, on the altar of insane “wokeism”, a modern totalitarian Neo-Marxist religion of immorality (like Marxism itself in the words of ex-Communist intellectual Max Eastman; see:​)

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