A Muslim “Holocaust Remembrance” Travesty: Andrew Bostom Interview

My 1/28/20 interview with Sam Sorbo highlights the recent Muslim “Holocaust Remembrance” Travesty at Auschwitz & its grotesque negation of/immoral equivalence with, the 1995 Bosnian Serb-Muslim bloody civil war tit for tat massacre of some ~7000 Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica; denial of the Nazi-sympathizing legacy of iconic Muslim leaders during (Hajj Amin el-Hussein) & after (Nasser; Sadat) World War II, and the active role ex-Nazis, granted asylum in Egypt, in particular (many of whom converted to Islam, such as Johannes “Omar Amin” von Leers), played in the post-WWII endless jihad against Israel between 1948 and (at least) 1973; and denial of the current global pandemic of extreme Muslim Jew-hatred, fueled by mainstream, institutional Islam’s ongoing, unrepentant promulgation of canonical Islamic Jew-hatred.

See: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/25115

Muslim “Holocaust Remembrance” or negation?

Al-Issa’s Muslim delegation to Auschwitz was a blatant case of Holocaust immoral equivalence, and a Muslim proselytization tour to “several sites of injustice” including Srebrenica, Bosnia.

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