Why “Regime Change” Won’t Solve the Iran Nuclear Weapons Problem in ~ 150 Words

(See explanation in full, at PJ Media, HERE)

The key figures in the (Soylent) Green Movement, both eternal spiritual inspiration Ayatollah Montazeri (d. 2009), and active, remaining political leader Mousavi, not only share the modern Shiite Weltanschauung of jihadism, Anti-Westernism, Jew- and broader najis-inspired infidel hatred, they supported (deceased Ayatollah Montazeri)/ support (living political leader Mousavi) Iran’s nuke program. Mousavi even made that support part of his 2009 Presidential campaign.

Add these facts to the additional facts that 83% of Iranians remain Sharia supremacists, and 63% wanted nukes at the very height of the economic sanctions regime, and one must ask what significant anti-nuke program, anti-Sharia program is going to be accomplished by “regime change” within this “leadership,” and popular sentiments milieu? The answer is all too obvious to any but the delusive, or willfully ignorant: none. Certainly none worth delaying the requisite military strikes to destroy Iran’s nuke facilities to the greatest extent possible.

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