Huma Abedin: Tonight (8/2/13) on Fox’s “The Five” Please Discuss/“Query” Her 12-Year Editorial Board Stint on Sharia Supremacist Journal

I just received this tweet from the forthright and thoughtful Andrea Tantaros:

Tonight on @FNTheFive – it’s Facebook Friday! We’re taking your questions. Fire away! Ask anything!

Well here goes: Given that Huma Abedin spent 12 years (1996-2008) on the editorial board of her parents’ Muslim Brotherhood/Wahhabist front pseudo-academic journal, The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs Journal/Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, shouldn’t the media be asking if she shares ANY of the views consistently espoused by this mouthpiece for Sharia supremacism, such as?:

  • “Sharia penal code is best…where Sharia is not operative [people] may resort to ‘jungle justice’” 
  • non-Muslims opposing Sharia and supporting secularism commit acts “bordering on treasonable felony”
  • Extolling (the Pakistani jihadist ideologue) Mawdudi’s view that “to overthrow an Islamic State and establish a corrupt un-Islamic system” is punishable by death

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