CAIR’s Nezar Hanze “(Very) Shocked, (Very) Shocked” At Arrest of Miami Taliban Imam & Sons








CAIR’s Nezar Hanze does his real life Claude Rains impersonation.

The American Hamas, i.e., the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) South Florida Chapter Executive Director, Nezar Hanze, claimed to be “very shocked…very shocked” (he characterized other members of the South Florida Muslim community as merely  “shocked”) at the arrest of the Miami Taliban Imam & Sons.

Nezar Hanze is the same crude and inept provocateur who was thoroughly dismantled by Congressman Allen West just this past February at a Town Hall Meeting in Pompano Beach.

Tragically our media is devoid of any brave, informed, and serious individuals like Florida Congressman Allen West willing to expose jihad promoting dissimulators such as Nezr Hanze who are rather transparent practitioners of Islam’s Sharia-sanctioned taqiyya theater.

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