(Updated) Dearborn, Michigan: America’s First Sharia-Compliant Muslim Enclave?

The hub of Islamic supremacism in the US—Dearborn’s Islamic Center of America….

…To which no US citizen should submit

Yesterday, (4/29/11) a Muslim mob of 50, disturbingly reminiscent of their co-religionists across a vast swath of official Islamdom,  breached the security cordon at the City Hall in Dearborn, Michigan separating them from their speechifying nemesis, Pastor Terry Jones,

…breaking a barricade, throwing water bottles and shoes.


Riot police restored order within minutes and took at least two people into custody.

Not surprisingly, this convulsive effort by local Dearborn Muslims to violently suppress “anti-Islamic” free speech was abetted by the craven dhimmitude of a useful idiot politician, Dearborn’s mayor John B. O’Reilly, Jr., and worse still, the first amendment-abrogating “ruling” by the 19th Judicial District Court of Dearborn, which “restrained and enjoined” Jones from protesting Sharia near the city’s supremacist mosque, i.e., the so-called Islamic Center of America.

Two years earlier, in June, 2009 Dearborn’s Muslims—also sanctioned by their dhimmi mayor O’Reilly and “enforced” by their Muslim police chief—denied Sudanese Christian pastor George Saeig his Constitutional right to peacefully distribute Christian religious literature during the annual Dearborn Arab International Festival.  The steadfast legal intervention of the Thomas More Law Center was required for an entire year to finally overturn this anti-Constitutional travesty.

Richard Thompson of the Thomas More Law Center filed an appeal on behalf of Terry Jones on April 27, 2011 which initiated,

the appellate process of challenging the controversial show trial held in the Dearborn, Michigan District Court last week.

I maintain that these disturbing behaviors by Dearborn’s Muslim population were foreshadowed by—and now confirm—local Muslim attitudes documented by polling data collected in 2003, and reported during 2004.

“The Detroit Mosque Study: Muslim Views on Policy and Religion,” was conducted by Ihsan Bagby an Associate Professor  of Islamic Studies at thye University of Kentucky and a fellow at  the Institute for Social Policy Understanding—a Muslim organization. Data were gathered during the summer of 2003 and published online in 2004.

These ominous findings were described on page 37 of the report:


Mosque participants were asked, whether they agree or disagree with the statement, “Shari’ah should be the law of the land in Muslim countries?”

Apply Islamic Law in Muslim Lands
Strongly Agree — 59%
Somewhat Agree — 22%

(i.e., collectively = 81%)

Somewhat Disagree — 8%
Strongly Disagree — 3%
Don’t Know — 8%

Such data supposedly reflected the Detroit area (read Dearborn) Muslims views of “Islamic countries,” only. But given the intrinsic, universally supremacist nature of Islam and the  global umma (i.e., as stated in Koran 3:110, and the Orwellian-named Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, “Ye are the best community that hath been raised up for mankind. Ye enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency; and ye believe in Allah”), once an area  has a Muslim majority it is assumed by Muslims that Islamic Law should prevail—hence the “enclave” phenomenon, even here in the United States.

All who oppose the threat of totalitarian Islam and the application of its heinous religio-political “law,” Sharia, must support the noble effort of the Thomas More Law Center to uphold free speech and thwart Islamic supremacism in Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

No to Sharia-compliant Muslim enclaves in America!


A live audio-video report from yesterday’s protest reveals that HUNDREDS, not “50” Dearborn Muslim protesters confronted Jones.

Watch from 1:45 to 3:30—

They (those protesting Jones) broke through the barricadesHundreds of counter protesters now moving across Michigan Avenue confronting.. screaming at Terry Jones…People now starting to throw bottles…Standing on cars…Now starting to throw stones at Jones supporters…Throwing shoes

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