Monthly Archives: December 2008

How a Real “War Within Islam” Would Look

  Will “Elkie” Ihsanoglu Lead the OIC Lodge Against “Anti-Islamic Terrorists” in Pakistan’s “Lawless Tribal Belt”? Mordechai Nisan, writing a decade ago, observed that already by the mid-1990s the world’s then over 50 Islamic nations had amassed considerable economic and … Continue reading

Isaac Bashevis Singer (and Joseph D’Aleo) on Anthropogenic Global Warming

  …Gronam [Ox; the oldest of the Elders of Chelm] said, “Last night I couldn’t sleep a wink for thinking about why it is hot in the summertime. Finally the answer came to me.” “What is it?” the elders chorused. … Continue reading

Mohamed El-Baradei Clouseau Admits His Failure to “Harness” Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Quest

Do you know what kind of a bomb it was (will be)? (El-Baradei) Clouseau: “Yes, the exploding kind.”   From the December 6, 2008 Jerusalem Post       Efforts made over the last five years by the international community … Continue reading

Depraved Denial: “Aggrieved” Pakistani Jihadists “Protest” Mumbai Massacre

 “In the wake of the self-inflicted terrorism in Mumbai, India wants to become another America, and plans to attack Pakistan”     Watch the depravity of paranoid denial captured on video, yesterday, December 3, 2008, in Islama-(Religion of Peace)-bad, Pakistan: … Continue reading