Study of 32.5K Serbian SARS-CoV-2 infected children, followed March, 2020 through July, 2022: “Pediatric reinfections rarely led to hospitalization (0.5% [after reinfections], vs. 1.3% during primary infections), and none resulted in death.”

Link to preprint. “There were 426 hospitalizations among 32,524 pediatric COVID-19 patients (with primary SARS-CoV-2 infection) in the observed period (1.3%)…Reinfected children [n=964] were rarely hospitalized: only five hospitalizations were recorded (5/964=0.5%), during the sixth and the seventh pandemic wave… … Continue reading

National Indigenous Peoples Day Reminder, 16th century Mexico, “rain offering”: Yearly mass infanticide and cannibalism —“they killed many children…tearing out their hearts…once dead they cooked & ate them”—as described in an eyewitness mid-16th century chronicle

How our “indigenous betters” just to the south ushered in each New Year with mass infanticide—“they killed many children…tearing out their hearts”, & infant cannibalism—“once dead they cooked & ate them”—as described in an eyewitness mid-16th century chronicle From, Bernadino … Continue reading

[AUDIO] Disgraceful “Reportage” on Ramona Bessinger by Projo’s Linda Borg, & Transgender Marxism vs. Biology in Rhode Island

Discussion with Matt Allen of WPRO, 10/7/22  

Desantis vs. Dementia: Hurricane Ian Recovery as a Metaphor for U.S. Recovery?

Images from C-SPAN recording of presser, 10/5/22. Florida Governor Ron Desantis spoke first and the podium was already adorned with the POTUS seal. Desantis was practical and poised. Our clinically demented POTUS Biden, in contrast, invoked climate scientology, despite countervailing … Continue reading

[VIDEO] A Discussion of Transgender Marxism in America, From Dysphoria to Dystopia, & the Classical High School (Providence, RI) Demonstration Against Ramona Bessinger

My 10/3/22 interview with Mike Stenhouse from his “In The Dugout” podcast reviewing this essay, “Transgender Marxism: From Dysphoria To Dystopia”, and the Classical High School, Providence, RI demonstration against Ramona Bessinger; Embedded video, below:

[AUDIO] Fetal Heart Sounds & (More) Democratic Party Lysenkoism, 10/3/22: Brief Discussion With WPRO’s Matt Allen

Link to audio:

Transgender Marxism: From Dysphoria To Dystopia (Updated)

Update: Also published at Frontpagemagazine, 10/5/22 Angela Davis is an American Marxist “intellectual,” and 1979 Lenin “Peace Prize” recipient, who was the Communist Party USA Vice-Presidential candidate in 1980, and 1984. Speaking at a virtual conference, June 14, 2020, entitled, … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Marxist Angela Davis Encapsulated Transgender Marxism, 6/14/20: “The trans community taught us if it is possible to challenge the gender binary, then we can effectively resist prisons & jails & police”

Speaking at a virtual conference, June 14, 2020, entitled, “Unlock Us: Abolition in Our Lifetime,” American Marxist Angela Davis (at ~52:11-52:46), opined, “[T]he trans community has taught us how to challenge that which is totally accepted as normal…that which … Continue reading

[AUDIO] Typically Toxic RI Media Coverage of Giorgia Meloni’s Election in Italy & the Lilliputian “Kalus-McKee Debate” on “Raises”: My Brief Comments on WPRO, 9/26/22

Plastic Tomato Lysenkoism: Hugh E. Wells. “How Soviet Shackles Its Scientists” The Philadelphia Inquirer September 26, 1948; p. 152

“Professor T.D. Lysenko, vice chairman of The Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, and holder of the Order of Lenin, is far ahead of any scientist in the field of genetics. He is, in fact, the only scientist who ever … Continue reading