Tweet from 1/26/21: During first covid-19 wave, only 17% of Stockholm elder care center “covid-19 deaths” (mean age 86 years old) were true covid-19 deaths, i.e., “before acquiring covid-19, they were in stable condition with limited underlying comorbidity”

Tweet (thread) from 1/26/21; Full Swedish report

1/ Stockholm elderly care home “C19 deaths” mean age 86, with ↑↑ prevalence of dementia:  In only 17% was C19 the predominant cause of death, i.e., before acquiring C19 they were in stable condition with limited underlying comorbidity—nyhet/2021/pm-sabo-2021-15-jan.pdf

2/ In 75%, where C19 was a “contributory” factor, the  individuals were very sickly and frail, and the interval between symptom onset and death was short, and without dramatic signs

3/ In 8%, C19 was not the true cause of death at all, because these persons had been infected with C19, but recovered, & then contracted another disease, with a long interval between recording of C19 infection, and death

A report from care homes in Stockholm with Covid deaths: only 17% died of Covid (dominating cause of death); for 75%, Covid could have been a contributory factor; and for 8% , there was another cause of death entirely. This is the same percentages found in a study of care homes in another part of Sweden published in 2020. The interesting thing is the description of these three categories describing the types of frail patients in the group. It is highly likely that only the first group were Covid deaths. The first group (17%), where Covid was the dominating cause of death, had the following features: before getting Covid they were in a stable condition and had few underlying diseases. The actual Covid disease was more often in two phases and the second phase was characterized by high fever and poor oxygen saturation. In the second group (75%), where Covid was a contributory factor, the individuals were already sickly and frail. The time between the onset of symptoms and death was short, but without dramatic signs. In the third group (8%), where there was another cause of death, the individuals had already caught Covid and recovered and then got another disease. They had a longer time between the recording of Covid infection and time of death.

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