Has RI Gubernatorial Candidate Ashley Kalus (Albeit Less Emphatically) Joined FL Gov Ron Desantis & AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake In Opposing Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination of Children For School Attendance?

After yet another disgraceful rejection of evidence-based risk/benefit (here; here;  here; here; here; here; and especially here), CDC’s ACIP has recommended, unanimously, the addition of COVID-19 vaccines to the routine immunization schedules for children. This both preserves pharmaceutical company immunity from lawsuits, while encouraging states to impose vaccine requirements for school attendance.

“The child and adolescent schedule recommends up to four doses of COVID vaccines, including those still under emergency use authorization, starting at 6 months old. It includes a two- or three-dose primary series and a booster.”

Has RI Gubernatorial candidate Ashley Kalus (albeit less emphatically) joined FL Governor Ron Desantis  and AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake in opposing mandatory covid-19 vaccination of children as a requirement for school attendance? Ms. Kalus needs to make a more definitive statement to that effect, but her initial Facebook comments are consistent with that sentiment.

Kari Lake’s comments (here; here):

Governor Desantis’ comments (here):

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