Almost Arrested Testimony: Annotated text of my 8/10/21 presentation opposing abusive, randomized trial disproven masking of schoolchildren before the East Green(wit)ch Rhode Island School Board

FULL PRESENTATION pdf can be viewed and downloaded here:

Bostom EG presentation 8.10.21

Last evening (8/10/11) I attempted to present unhysterical, evidence-based data to the East Greenwich Rhode Island School Board. It was often a disturbing experience, and I was almost arrested by a young policeman. Fortunately, this very decent officer and I reached a calm and productive compromise so that I could complete my presentation despite arbitrary harassment by the School Board head.  [I will link to full video when available]

For the record, I have attached the annotated text I relied upon, often verbatim.

Here are the opening points I made:

  • There have been ZERO Rhode Island pediatric (newborn to 17 years old) covid-19 deaths in 18-months (confirmed by RIDOH spokesman, Joseph Wendelken; see following p.3)
  • In stark contrast, there have been ~2300 covid-19 deaths, ~80% of total covid-19 deaths in RI, among those ≥ 70 years old
  • There have also been ~1600 covid-19 deaths, ~60% of total covid-19 deaths in RI, among those ≥ 80 years old. This means those 60% of covid-19 deaths are occurring at or above the RI life expectancy of 79.9 years old, typically among elderly persons with profound comorbidity
  • Indeed, Long-Term Care Home and Elder Assisted Living Facility Residents, combined, account for 60% of covid-19 deaths in Rhode Island
  • Moreover, schoolchildren are a TRIVIAL to non-existent source of infection to these elderly populations, or adult populations, in general. A study of 90,000 North Carolina students and staff during in-person teaching in the fall of 2020 (published in the flagship journal “Pediatrics”), revealed only 4% of covid-19 transmission took place in schools, vs. 96% in the community, and “No instances of child-to-adult transmission of SARS-CoV-2 were reported within schools.”
  • I will briefly highlight additional more specific findings about pediatric covid-19 mortality, the consistent failure of masking to prevent respiratory viral infections in the community, and the harms caused to children by such futile masking
  • The data I just mentioned, and more which I will share, are willfully ignored by our national, state, and local public health officials when they issue their anti-scientific, immoral edicts about masking our children.
  • The warped, dishonest, fearmongering discussion of covid-19 in children by such public health officials, and the “mandates” it begets, are UNCONSCIONABLE and must be challenged by parents in the interest of YOUR otherwise defenseless children

Off the cuff, I also mentioned delta variant household transmission rate in the UK as being ~10% , p.29:

“A modest increase in secondary attack rate amongst household contacts of cases with Delta in the most recent 2 weeks of reporting is observed, with an estimate of 11.1% (10.9% to 11.4%) for exposure events in week commencing 21 June 2021  compared to 10.3% (10.1% to 10.6%) in the week commencing 7 June 2021.”

The large clinical trial I ran and  referred to is described here:

And here:

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