{Addended] Plaintiffs to Appeal: Indiana Federal Judge, Acting as Judge-Advocate For Indiana University, Denies Preliminary Injunction to Halt Indiana University Vaccine Mandate While Incurious About Lack of Covid-19 Risk to Students (Did Not Insist IU Present Those Data), and Trivializing Unnecessary Vaccine Risks To Undergraduate/Graduate Age Groups

Just learned plaintiffs will appeal decision

Res Ipsa Loquitur “decision”.

The judge was effectively an advocate for Indiana University. He did not insist the University, in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Health, make an evidence-based case by providing the numbers of students)–if any—actually hospitalized, specifically, for covid-19 respiratory illness during the entire epidemic (now ~18-months, juxtaposed against those possibly hospitalized for severe adverse vaccine events in just the last several months. Moreover, the benign course of covid-19 in the vast swath of healthy college and graduate students was ignored, while serious vaccine-related events were trivialized.

Read Judge’s opinion here: Indiana Judge Denies Prelim Injunction

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