Bostom Interview: How “Abrahamic Dialogue” Abets Christian Persecution And Israel’s Destruction

Andrew Bostom interviewed by Janet Mefferd, February 13, 2020 The discussion is based upon materials posted at Dr. Bostom’s blog: “Abrahamism” Abets Genocidal Christian Persecution, and Israel’s Destruction; The “Abrahamic Faiths Initiative” Is Submission To Islam; and Frontpage Magazine Why “Abrahamic Dialogue” is Submission to Islam

Dr. Bostom presents evidence that “Abrahamic Dialogue” is rooted in Islam’s theological abrogation of both Judaism and Christianity via Koran 3:64 to 3:68, and their classical and modern exegeses by Islam’s most authoritative Koranic commentators. He further analyzes the modern theology & geopolitical agenda of the godfather of Abrahamic interfaith dialogue, Al-Azhar University trained, and ~20-year Temple University Professor of Islamic Studies, and History of Religion, Ismail al-Faruqi. Seeking to re-establish an Islamic State, “from the Atlantic (Ocean) to the Malay Basin”, al-Faruqi dedicated his “Abrahamic” ideology–including interfaith dialogue–to applying Islamic replacement theology to Judaism and Christianity, while brooking no criticism of Islam, especially the doctrine of jihad. He was obsessed with the destruction of the “Zionist State”, and “de-Zionizing” individual Jews, & returning them to dhimmi vassals of his idealized Islamic State, while denying Islam’s enduring history of brutal to genocidal Christian persecution, claiming, “the history of Islam is categorically white as far as toleration of other faiths is concerned…Nothing is further from the truth and more inimical to Muslim, non-Muslim relations than the claim that Islam spread by the sword.” Simply put, Dr. Bostom argues that the continued application, at present, of the “Faruqi Rules” for Abrahamic dialogue, abets ongoing near genocidal Christian persecution, and the destruction of Israel.

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